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Simple and effective tips to make your relationship strong

make your relationship strong

A strong relationship can stand the test of time. However, to strengthen the bond, you have to ensure that you walk the extra mile to make your partner happy. We all know that intimacy plays a vital role in a relationship. Here are a few tips to make your relationship strong and create intimate moments with your partner.

Cuddling up with each other can work miracles


If you are wondering how to strengthen the bond with your partner, it is important to understand the real meaning of the word intimacy. Sex is not the only definition of being intimate. Studies have shown that partners who spend time cuddling each other are happier than those who have sex.  Wondering how? Read on:

As per a study conducted by John Gottman, cuddling is one of the best things you can do for an intimate relationship. For women, cuddling helps to promote and boost a relationship. More than having sex, women love it when men show their love in the form of gestures like cuddling.

Balance the sexual and non – sexual touch

A proper balance in relationships does not only managing your personal and professional life. It also means managing the sexual and non-sexual touch. The balance between the ways you touch is another factor that you should consider if you are looking for tips to make your relationship strong. Sometimes, a simple thing like holding your partner’s hand can express a lot.

When you maintain the balance between the two forms of touch, the spice from your relationship never evaporates. In fact, even in intimacy, the sexual and non-sexual touch plays an important role. A small peck on the forehead after sex means a lot more than a long kiss.

Doing something new always works

Doing something new always worksOver time, the spark in a relationship tends to fade away. If you want to make your relationship last forever, you have to ensure that you keep the spark ignited. Doing something new and unusual actually helps to bring in the spark in your relationship.

To spice up your relationship, you can always try out new ways of getting intimate. To bring back the spice in your love life, you can try out things like BDSM sex, foreplay, and role-plays of your favorite character or novels, creating small and fun moments like having a small adventure at home, writing intimate chits and making it like a treasure hunt, and so on.

3:1 Ratio – one of the best tips to make your relationship strong

make your relationship strongIn any relationship, you are bound to have negative and positive experiences. Most people consider that when there are more positive experiences, everything is going smoothly. However, the reality is very different. It is not the positive experiences that matter, but the key lies in the way you reduce the negative ones.

The 3:1 Ratio is one of the best ways to balance the negative and positive experiences couples have. The entire concept of the theory of this formula is to help couples understand what direction they should work on. As per this ratio, the positive experiences that you and your partner share should be three times more than the negative experience. This helps to maintain a proper balance between the two.

Have arguments, but do not let them escalate

argumentArguments are a part and parcel of any relationship. In fact, studies have shown that couples who have productive arguments are a lot happier. The whole point is that after an argument, it is important to talk and sort things out. This will help to clear the air and prevent any further misunderstandings.

One of the biggest problems in most relationships today is the fact that couples do not sort out their differences. This, in turn, leads to bigger and messier problems, which eventually end up ruining the relationship. What couples fail to understand is that both the partners are equally responsible for the success or failure of any relationship.

Take a break from each other

Take a break from each otherNo doubt, when you are in love, you would want to spend as much time as you can with your partner. As much as you feel that this is important, there is a fine line between spending time and SPENDING TIME with each other. Sometimes, taking a break from each other’s company will actually work miracles.

When we say taking a break, we do not mean that you should split or separate. What we are referring to is the space that every individual need. Spending time with your friends, doing things that you love, and even going on a solo vacation will help to strengthen the bond you and your partner share.

Balancing tips to make your relationship strong

relationshipPeople have their own strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, even your partner will have his/her strengths and weaknesses. While the acceptance factor does play an important role, it is even more essential to balance the relationship.

Balancing is one of the healthy relationship tips for couples that will always bring in positive energy. Moreover, it helps to let your partner know that you are there for them. As the old saying goes, it takes two hands to clap. Similarly, both of you should be equally responsible for your relationship. Working things out, talking about the flaws and trying to help each other overcome them, will help to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Speak, but have the ability to listen as well

good listener.Communication is the key to a successful relationship – this saying is true. But as much as it is important to communicate what you feel, it is also important to listen to what the other person is saying. There is a difference between active and passive listening.

When you start listening to what your partner is saying, it helps to reduce the chances of misunderstandings and fights. Another reason why many relationships fail is that partners often do not listen to what the other person has to say.

Only you can make your relationship work

perfect-relationshipA relationship holds a lot of importance in our lives and helps us to grow in many ways. The biggest challenge that many couples face today is the lack of quality time. People today are so busy in their own world that they often forget their partners. Moreover, most relationships tend to fail only because the vital element of time is not there.

Remember to prioritize your relationship. Work on the above-mentioned tips to make your relationship strong. Remember that no one else can salvage your relationship. It is only you who can do that. So, understand what’s there and what’s not in your relationship, and make an effort to work things out with your partner. After all, when it comes to relationships, the journey is more important and more beautiful than the destination.

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