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5 Unbelievably Stupid Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

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There’s no end to the things cheaters say when confronted. The best they can do is apologize for their mistake and leave you to decide whether you want to stay with them or not. However, if rather than doing that, they are constantly trying to convince you that it wasn’t their mistake, then don’t fall for it. It is one of the most common cheaters’ behavior pattern.

There’s little hope that your partner won’t cheat again

Cheating is the worst anyone can do to their partners and there is very little chance that things will work out after your partner has cheated on you. It is hard to defend cheating and the excuses are always going to lame. It is hard to identify whether it was intentional.

Sometimes it isn’t really possible to control your emotions and sometimes the relationship itself is not strong. Obviously, there is no right reason for cheating and hence, there is hardly any valid excuse for the same. Here are 5 lamest things cheaters say when confronted –

5 – Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

  1. They blame it on you

Marital quarrel

The easiest way out of any situation is to lay the blame on someone else and the society has a penchant for laying the blame on the victim. There are many reasons one finds to lay the blame on their partner such that; their partner doesn’t have the time, their partner isn’t making them happy and so on.

However, these words are as lame as the all classic ‘it is all your fault.’ It just shows cowardice on the part of the offender and his or her unwillingness to accept the mistake. Needless to say, the cheater in question is completely stupid.

  1. They did it unintentionally 

They did it unintentionally 

This can be forgiven in rare cases when it was a one-off. However, this entirely depends on how far things have gone. If it has gone as far as having a disposable phone just to contact the other person, then it says a lot of things.

Yet, if the same has happened only in the heat of the moment and the person promises not to repeat it again, you might want to consider giving them a chance. However, nothing changes the fact that what they did wasn’t correct.

  1. They blame it on the relationship


This is as bad as blaming the partner. In fact, this is worse! For, now you aren’t just blaming your partner but the entire relationship. It is best to man up and deal with it like an adult rather than beating around the bush.

Either you deal with the problems in the relationship and work them out or you break up like a sensible person. There is no way you should cheat on your partner and hurt them. The worst you can do after this is to blame your relationship for your own fault.

  1. They put the blame on alcohol

attractive drunk woman in her bathroom with glass of red wine

For the nth time, stop blaming something or the other and own your faults. It takes a man/woman to own his or her own faults and it is a good idea to not blame your partner, your relationship or alcohol. If you really love your partner, you will not cheat under the influence of alcohol either.

It is worst to cheat under the influence of alcohol because you are implying that you aren’t happy with your partner and it plays when you aren’t in your senses. Doesn’t this mean that you have some issues to sort out with your partner?

5. They say it’s not working between us

Rude Date

While this may be true, you don’t have to rub it in by cheating. If that is how you have begun to think, it is better that you talk to your partner and break off. After all, everyone wants an everlasting relationship but not everyone has everlasting luck!  It is good to be as honest as you can with your partner and let them know your true feelings. For, beating around the bush will not get you anywhere and it is injurious to the two of you.

Of the things one looks for, loyalty in a relationship is most sought after and hence, it is wise not to hurt anyone by cheating on them. It is extremely unfair to the other partner who has been loyal to you.

Final Words

cheating after marriage

If you are cheating after marriage, then you certainly have fallen very low and it is best that you sort things out with your partner and either work things out or move on. After all, we are all humans and deserve to be treated like humans. While cheating may be a very human mistake, one does not have the right to hurt the feelings of another. A lot of people often make excuses for their behavior instead of owning their mistake. It is extremely lame and inhuman to do so.

Before you go…

Out of many things and instances, affairs are the ones wherein one-size-fits-all theory does not work. Especially when it comes to a partner or both cheating on each other, the outcomes vary from a couple to another. There are many who think their partner can never cheat on them and in case they do, they will leave them forever without even thinking twice.

However, when something this tragic really takes place in the life of some other couples, it is altogether a different and a much difficult scenario to deal with. They end up in a state of mind that makes them feel excruciating pain and dilemma, as they cannot end the relationship for they love their partner a lot but the heartbreak does not allow them to carry on as if nothing happened. Here is some help that will work for both the unfaithful and the betrayed partner to cope and rebuild a healthy relationship:

Acknowledgment and acceptance is a must


It is of paramount importance that the unfaithful partner acknowledges that he has made a mistake and he is responsible for messing up a healthy relationship. On the other hand, it is important for the betrayed partner to come to terms with what has happened, as denial is no solution and it aggravates the pain and sorrow involved.

Think and decide

After a sad incidence of cheating takes place in a relationship, both the partners need to think a lot and decide. The one who cheats needs to decide whether he wants to loves his partner much and wants to save the relationship or not. In addition, a cheater should never expect things to fall in place in no time and that his partner would simply say, “Ok, I forgive you.” It is downright foolish to expect something like this because such matters take time.

On the other hand, the one betrayed needs not bottle up emotions and feelings, rather one should cry out and should try to clear air as soon as possible. One needs to take such negative emotions out of one’s system, or else such emotions do not let move on. Once such emotions are out, one should decide whether the cheater back in their life and to give them another chance or not.

Limit the time when you discuss infidelity

Limit the time when you discuss infidelity

Once a couple decides to carry on their relationship even after an episode of cheating attacks their bond, both the partners need to limit the time when they discuss infidelity. It is but natural that the betrayed one will continue and feel the urge to bring back the same issue all over again for quite some time. However, the better way is to avoid repeating the sad instance, or else it will get impossible for both the partners to carry their relationship any further.

Think more of the good old times spent together

There is nothing more difficult than a situation in a love affair, where a partner feels a strong urge to break a relationship for she has been betrayed but just cannot do it. The love is so strong that it just does not allow her to let go of her partner who cheated her.

The idea; course of action here is to think and remember the past, the good old time. The time when you both got together, things and qualities that attracted you towards your partner. You need to relive those moments in order to rekindle the old flame.

Infidelity, most of the times breaks up a relationship but not always. It depends upon both the partners whether they want to carry further their relation or not. With the help of some tips, a couple can rebuild a healthy and strong relationship after cheating.

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