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5 Inspiring Ways To Have A Better Week

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Different people have different definitions of a better week. A person might want to be more productive once the weekend is over. Another person might want to be do something meaningful next week. Or some individual might simply want to muster the strength to get out of the bed in the morning and be happy. No matter what your definition of a good week is, there are some amazingly inspiring ways to have a better week and beat your Monday blues.

Take one step at a time


A good week is a culmination of seven good days spent well. The trick to have a better week is to take it one day, one task, at a time. After all, multitasking has seldom reaped beneficial results.

One of the best ways to have a better week is to focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. For instance, if your goal for the week is to be more productive than before, don’t think of it as trying to be productive for seven days. Instead, think of it as trying to be more productive on this Monday than you were on the last one.

Then, chase the same goal every day – till the week is over. You will not only find that you were able to be immensely more productive than the last week, but also you did not exhaust yourself trying to achieve that goal and have a better week.

By doing this, you will also be able to improve your focus and attention. Moreover, you can also improve your life gradually – thereby allowing yourself to completely work on each and every concern surrounding your life.

Say no if you have to

Say no

More often than not, as we approach Sunday, we experience a high intensity burnout. But why does this happen? Because more often than not, we tend to overachieve. We try to accomplish a lot more than we really have the capacity to. We pour from an empty glass. The thing is, we are really only a ‘no’ away from a better week.

In our zest to impress our professional seniors and our loved ones, in order to earn just a bit more to upgrade the house, in order to prove that we can do anything – we really surpass our capacity to endure the strain others dump on us. Then we wonder why we cannot welcome another Monday into our lives.

The truth is, if you gauge your strengths and limitations, if you identify your capabilities, if you recognize the place where you finally draw the line – you will automatically have a better week. Just say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands, unacceptable requests, and unwanted tantrums.

One of the best ways to have a better week is to say ‘no’ to everyone and everything that threatens to hamper your productivity, creativity and happiness.

Create a schedule

Create a schedule

No one can deny that those who are more organized in their lives – be it personal or professional – are happier and more at peace with themselves. Think about this – will you embark on a trip without deciding on the destination and assessing all the roadblocks that might appear on the way? Then how can you expect to have a better week and arrive at weekend safely and happily without planning how you want to go through the same?

One of the most organized ways to have a better week is to actually create a schedule for your week and stick to you. Yes, unexpected things might, and will, happen to you. But these are minor obstacles. Prepare a skeletal structure of your schedule and try to follow it to a T.

Not only will your week sail smoothly, but you will also feel more at peace with what you have accomplished in the last seven days. You will be clear about what you achieved and what is left to achieve. Being more clear about your goals will, by default, give you a sense of happiness and completeness.

Finish the worst task first

Finish the worst task first

Everyone has that one aspect of their work lives that they absolutely want to escape. This aspect of their job is so difficult or complicated to finish that most people put it at the backburner and then spend the rest of their week, stressing about that enormously difficult job which they still haven’t touched.

If you can relate to this, you now know what stops you from having a better week. The idea is to finish the hardest task first so that you can put it all behind you and relax for the rest of the week.

Once you do this, you can immediately focus on the smaller, easier tasks – and allot the remaining time to yourself and your loved ones. After all, one of the best ways to have a better week is to spend some quality time with the ones whom you hold closest to.

This idea might seem like a small, insignificant one – but in reality, this is clearly a big chunk off your mind. This will certainly lead to a great week – and a happier, stress-free version of you.

Early to bed, early to rise

Early to bed, early to rise

It is not for nothing that this adage is still prevalent and accepted in our society. If at the end of the day, you often find yourself complaining about how little time you have to yourself after a hard day at work, then you are ignoring the solution that is staring right in your eyes.

Everyone of us only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But some of us manage to accomplish more and then relish more than the others. This is possible because the go-getters waste no time once the sun is out.

One of the most tried and tested ways to have a better week is to start early. Wake up as soon as the sun rises, finish your snacking and grooming at least 30 minutes before you leave for work.

This will give you enough time to catch up with the daily news, or spend a few minutes with your loved ones, meditate, or practice a hobby you were always passionate about.

Having a better week is a cakewalk. You just need to tweak certain habits and introduce new ones. And you are all set.

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