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Self Respect

Self Respect

Self-respect and human life

Emotions are not tangible so one cannot explain the exact meaning of being sentimental. Some people do not tend to bulge out their emotions due to self-respect. It is a good trait and the person who endeavors it, gains respect amongst the fellow members. Self-respect makes you more respectable and demanding, it inculcates a feeling of happiness within yourself. Self-respect is not a desire, on the contrary side; it is an important trait if a positive quality of a human being. Sometimes people tend to misunderstand this trait with arrogance and attitude. It is not true because a person with self-respect settles for nothing other than the best. They are always on the right path and support the truth.  These persons have a true consciousness and do not believe in rigging things in life. Life turns out to be ruthless sometimes and only a person with inevitable self-respect and strong determination can go through this ominous path. A simple definition of self respects states that it a perception of an individual towards themselves. It brings out the subjective assessment of an individual, which can be positive or negative depending on the persons thinking. Concept of this trait seems to have changed in the due course of time. Its meaning was very different in early civilization as compared to the current modern era. A civilized society gives birth to more civilized people who are tolerant and understanding. It also gives rise to the modern thinking philosophy in which self-respect holds an utmost importance. Human life is always surrounded by contradictions and dilemmas. A normal human being finds it very hard to figure out between right and wrong. Self-respect helps in conquering the negative traits of the human mind and takes them into the right direction.

Perception of people

No individual in this world carries the same set o perceptions. Everyone has to be abided by his or her thinking capabilities and work consequently. Perception plays a pivotal role in encouraging self-respect. It is not necessary that you and your friend have the same perception towards the performance of Yankees in the Sunday super bowl. The mind throws out different points of analysis that becomes the basis of a perception. Outlook towards certain things does not depend on what we see, but on what we want to see. In the modern world, people have understood the meaning of self- respect more clearly and this has become the reason for a good mutual understanding between the Homo sapiens. As per a famous quote said by a true person:” nobody can harness your self-respect if do not bargain it. It’s a quality that no one can take from you, as you are the one who is responsible for it. It depends on an individual to use their self-respect in the right manner irrespective of the perception of the people. All the men who have shined in the history had great self-respect. It helped them convert rocks into sand.

The feeling of being different

Someone has rightly said that self-respect is a quality attribute that not everyone has but it’s a quality that everyone should possess. It gives rise to creditable self- esteem. Teenagers, sometimes find it hard to gain self-respect as they always struggle to find its actual meaning. The idea is to gain something out of nothing. This quality never leaves you in the midst of anything. If you have self-respect, people see you as an example. Self-respect is also the combination of the entire moral and the ethical values that an individual believes in. If the inner sanctum of person opposed him from doing something, then this quality plays an important part in inculcating that feeling. If you want others to respect you and your decisions, then first, you have to respect them. The person who possesses this quality always admits to his errors and mistakes unlike an arrogant person. They have a thorough understanding of what they do and what they want out of life. They are always ready to make amendments in their life and lead by example. Errors and mistakes are the result of a bad decision and judgment but the one who adheres it correctly leads the path with glory. It also reflects the integrity and dignity of an individual. A person with self-respect knows no obligations especially when it comes to harnessing the truth. A famous quote is very true on this topic as it says that, if a man is ashamed of many things, then he has the right degree of self-respect. It is not necessary to merely finish the thing that you have started, but its imperative that you must do it in the right manner and the right way. You can never be preoccupied while doing right things and taking right decisions. Self- Respect also prevents yourself from becoming someone that you are not. It’s the true reflection of a genuine trait found in a genuine person.

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