Holistic Dentistry

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Holistic Dentistry is an allied field of medicine that combines the traditional dental medicine along with other alternative systems of medicine that can be used for oral health. It includes the dental procedures as well as the holistic approach of other systems and aims to treat the dental problems of the patient as a whole.


In this, patient and dental problem is not isolated, but the patient is treated considering the relationship between the teeth, mouth, oral hygiene and the entire health of the patient. This alternative dentistry treatment is approved by USFDA. 


The practice of holistic dentistry is linked back in early 20th century by a dentist named Dr. Weston Price. This was in connection to a proposed theory that mercury fillings could be harmful for the patient and is not recommended from the holistic point of view.



The principle of holistic dentistry lies in the concept that the patient is a whole person and the entire system needs to be considered in order to treat even the dental problem. This treatment modality focuses on relation between the mouth and the entire body. The Holistic dentistry approach considers the nutritional factor, hygiene and preventive medicine. Hypnosis, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine are used as required.


It is based on the belief that certain foods can be the cause of a particular dental problem, or eliminating certain foods can make some difference in the oral health of the person. It also takes care to avoid potentially harmful material as fillings in cavities and aims at advising a healthy approach. They promote the use of non-toxic material for such dental work.

This dental treatment also takes into account the health of the person undergoing treatment and tries to maintain a balance between the oral health and rest of the health of the person. While traditional dentistry may focus only on dental treatment and appreacnce, holistic dentistry will see that facial muscles and surrounding tissue in healthy and properly aligned so as to keep the oral cavity in good health. 



Holistic dentistry aims at providing treatment in a way that will not cause any damage or stress to the person’s overall health. If required they also take medical opinion from other holistic healthcare fields and make sure the health of the patient is protected. Acupuncture anesthesia is used for major dental work in order to cause less trouble to the patient.

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