Five really good reasons why you should choose Greece for cosmetic surgery

Five really good reasons why you should choose Greece for cosmetic surgery

The medical tourism industry has been steadily increasing despite the worldwide recession. And many developing countries are trying to utilize this growth by becoming a part of this billion dollar industry. One of the newest entrants to the group is the island country of Greece. Although known worldwide for its spellbinding tourist attractions, Greece has only recently started to attract a major chunk of individual who opt for cosmetic surgeries in other countries apart from the UK and the US. And here are 5 main reasons why!


No Newcomer to Cosmetic Procedures

When you opt for a cosmetic procedure, you would be looking for nothing but the best in infrastructure, technology, equipment and experienced staff. And Greece has all of that! In 2011 alone, the country is reported to have done nearly 147000 cosmetic procedures out of which nearly 50% were cosmetic surgeries. So Greece is no new comer in to cosmetic procedures or surgeries. And you can be rest assured that you would get desirable results without worrying about botched up procedures.

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Costs

A cosmetic procedure in the UK or US can easily cost you an arm and a leg if you are not insured. Several individuals find it hard to pay the medical costs for these procedures even if they are insured (the insured amount would be too low to cover the costs).

Travel to Greece for the same and you would end up paying nearly 1/10of what you would pay in the UK or US for the same procedure. Of course, this would only include the medical costs, and other miscellaneous expenses like travel, accommodation, dining and sightseeing would have to be taken care of separately.  But it is still a great bargain, especially if your insurance company is willing to take care of the travel expenses (some companies actually do).


World Class Healthcare Facilities

Nearly all the hospitals in Greece follow the EU regulations, thus offering the best in terms of healthcare facilities and services. Most of the private hospitals in the country boast of having some of the best equipment, the best service, and the most experienced medical personnel in the entire continent to assist you with the cosmetic procedures and surgeries.

Qualified Doctors and Medical Personnel

Most of the doctors in the country are highly qualified and experienced, having earned their medial degrees in countries like France, Germany and the UK. As such, the hospitals in Greece boast of having some of the best doctors for cosmetic procedures in the entire world.

Most of the cosmetic surgeons in the country also travel overseas regularly to attend medical conventions around the world in order to stay abreast of new techniques, technology and treatment procedures in the field. So you can be rest assured that your cosmetic needs would be tended to with capable hands.

Dealing with Unlikely Complications

Suppose something went wrong during the procedure! You would need to have a way to get yourself out of the situation. And that is easily possible in Greece. Insurance companies would usually take care of costs related to unexpected complications like heart attack or pulmonary embolism that may occur during the procedure (any surgical procedure for that matter). And in case, the procedure did not go as you expected, and you are clearly not happy with the end results, you can easily take the doctor or the medical facility to court to claim damage; something that is very hard to do in non-EU countries.

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