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Countries worth visiting once in lifetime

Do beaches entice you? Or mountains invite you? Do you feel thrilled when you explore a wildlife park? Do you experience adrenaline rush when you try extreme sports or feel amused when you see different artifacts? Are you an epicurean or do you derive a unique sense of pleasure when you see different cultures meet new people? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have the soul of a traveler!

Moreover, if traveling offers you tranquility, then this list of countries worth visiting once in a lifetime is especially complied for you!

  1. France: France, the romance and arts capital of the world is one of the most enticing, alluring countries in the world. The ‘City of Lights,’ Paris gives you the opportunity to explore an amalgamation of metropolis and natural beauty. Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and endless number of inspiring galleries and museums, along with lakes, buildings and rivers make it worth exploring.
  2. China: If you thought that this country is only about ‘The Great Wall of China,’ then you are absolutely wrong. China is a heaven for culture explorers, people who love visiting historical edifices like Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and Potala Palace.
  3. USA: Beaches, Mountains, Canyons, National Parks, Buildings, Museums and Bridges – you ask it, you get it! United States have something for every traveler,  including Statue Of Liberty, sunbathing beaches, snow clad mountains, Grand Canyon National Park, Sea Worlds and Safaris along with endless museums, restaurants and shopping districts.
  4. United Kingdom: If you are looking for family vacations, then this is the place worth visiting. Try trips along the countryside, shop at high end retail stores in London or visit Stonehenge, Cadbury World, Roman Baths or Museums
  5. Italy: This is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with landscapes that will leave an indelible imprint on your mind. Visit Cinque Terre or Sassi di Matera if you want to see the prehistoric cave dwellings or embark on a boat ride through the canals of Venice. Try Coliseum or Trevi Fountain. Food is the best here!
  6. Germany: An excellent location for cultural interactions, this country is best for enjoying nature on a bike. Visit Bavaria, the Black Forest or enjoy history come alive at Castle of Wartburg. Visit Museums or Zoos and if you are going, don’t forget Oktoberfest in Munich!
  7. Greece: A country that proudly boasts of its lineage, Greece is the place that is best endorsed by its beaches, its palaces like Palace of Knossos, Acropolis in Athens and the ruins in Delphi. This is the Mecca for history buffs.
  8. Australia: An island and a continent, Australia offers endless alluring deals to its tourists. If you want an active Christmas then visit places like Sydney or Melbourne, enjoy Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, National Parks and watch Kangaroos jump!
  9. Spain: An ideal vacation site, Spain is full of serenity and bustling crowds at the same time. Visit beaches and get an awesome suntan or enjoy Spanish foods. A trip to Guggenheim Museum is a must!
  10. Turkey: Turkey is probably the most beautiful country in the world with beaches, resorts and hills that would just enchant you! If relaxation and rejuvenation is your motto, then visit Churches and museums here or try thermal pools, spas and resorts. Shop at Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or visit Spice Market.



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