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Celeb-style fashion tips for a slimmer and more elegant look

Celeb-style fashion

Seeing celebs flaunting their “in shape” bodies and then feeling so low looking at your own is not something that only happens to you. You do not like your curves, as they are a bit flabbier than what you actually desire to have. Then you start covering them with loose baggy clothes that make your frame look all the more bulky. Stop making this style mistake and follow these following superb style tips celebs follow to look slimmer and elegant altogether:

Boot Cut Jeans

You should remember that it is good to pick up fashion trends as they hit the market but only those that are meant for your body type. For instance, women with bulky legs wearing tights or the pencil cut pants is one simple example of a misfit fashion some people tend to follow. While styling yourself, it is of paramount importance that you balance your likings and body frame.

No point liking clothing that looks pathetic on you because your body does not support it. Therefore, go for a boot cut jeans that fit just at the right places, and a flare at the bottom gives you a long, lean, and a flattering look.

Know the length well

The trousers you wear, a skirt, jeans, or a long baggy short, what makes these look good on your body is their length. This point is especially for those who want to look slimmer than they actually are. Consider the hemlines to wear a thinner look, avoid Capri pants, calf-length skirts, or long baggy shorts. Invest on jeans that reach exact on your ankle or an inch below.

Now pair it with ankle boots, flats, or heels as per your fancy and your body will look perfectly elongated, as it is not at all in reality. Follow the same criteria for trousers also, pick dark colored trousers that have slightly tapered legs and are without any pleats. Choose knee-length pencil skirts that flatter your frame and make you look slimmer.

“All Black”

The simplest and one of the most effective tip celebs follow to get a flattering look is to dress all black. The oldest trick that gives slender illusion because it creates a long vertical line that makes body appear perfectly in shape. Not just black, other dark colors such as navy, green, and oxblood also do the trick well, and refrain from the pale colors like beige.

Vertical Stripes does it all

You see celebs sporting vertical stripes and you wonder what trendy vibe those stripes are adding to the entire personality. Well, this indeed is one reason they choose to wear vertical strips designed trousers but another much more important reason to wear them is to achieve a slender, elongated look. Vertical stripes create long lines that make you appear taller and lean. Only skinny women can go for horizontal stripes, and the ones desiring a slender look must choose the vertical stripes.

Use abstract prints to distract attention

Now this is one clever tip everybody must know. You have some problematic areas, which usually are the waist, or the backsides. You can put on a dress that has abstract prints; it takes away all the attention that could have otherwise gone on your problem areas. A simple and a clever tip with sure shot results.

Change your bra

A thing that has a lot to do with your bulky or leaner look but does not get much attention is your bra. You keep concentrating on the outer clothing and ignoring this undergarment that makes a lot of difference as to how you look. A wrong sized bra gives you a bulky appearance owing to the sagging breasts, and an ideal bra that maintains a proper space between your waist and chest and gives you a leaner appearance.

With a few clever tips and tricks, you can manage to look leaner and thinner despite a few problems in your body frame.

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