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Unbelievable and terrifying stories of ‘life after death’


There is nothing worse in this world that could make you sweat bullets, rather than the fear of being buried alive. What if you wake up one day finding yourself crammed and confined within a poky squeaky coffin with o one around to hear your cry for help? Scared to even think of it, right?

But there are or were several people in this world who were being cremated while still being alive and the signs of which were discovered later on. Some of them were lucky enough to have a second chance to live but most of them met an untimely death due to someone else’s mistake. Given below are extremely scary premature burial stories that would throw you into panic.

The Filipina Toddler

Image Source : D.IbTimes.Co.Uk

A three year old little girl left every one jaw dropped at her funeral when she was found moving her head inside the coffin. This girl from Philippines was reported to suffer from high fever several weeks prior to being declared by local medical center.

Thereafter the family members prepared for the girl’s mass. With a heavy heart the girl was just about to be buried when one of her mourner observed her head moving. She was taken back to the hospital but was soon declared dead again, this time not to wake up ever.

Kelvin Santos

Image Source : I.Dailymail.Co.Uk

In the June of 2012, a weird incidence shook the people in Brazil. A boy named Kelvin Santos, age 2, was pronounced dead but woke up sitting in his coffin and asked his father for a glass of water. The boy, however, lay back again and never came back to life.

Kelvin’s father, Antonio Santos stated that the boy was under treatment for severe bronchial pneumonia and was announced dead during the same. He was then kept inside an air-tight bag for about three long hours. However, the shocking incidence put the hospital’s service to question.

Walter “Snowball” Williams

Image Source : IoneNewsOne

Walter Williams aka Snowball was pronounced dead by County Coroner Dexter Howard early morning on the 26th of February, 2014. Walter, aged 78 was thereafter placed inside a body bag and was about to be taken to the local funeral house when something strange happened. One of the morticians, to great surprise, saw his leg moving. Walter was immediately taken aback to his family members.

Angelo Hayes

One of the most spine chilling incidence of the 20th century occurred when a 19 year old teenager Angelo Hayes was buried alive. Angelo met a major road accident in which he suffered from severe head injuries following which he was declared dead.

It happened so, that Angelo’s father had his life insurance done and an inspector in charge demanded for his body to be disentombed after 2 days of his death. As soon as he was resurrected the doctors found him warm and he was immediately operated. Angelo was once again well completely after surgeries.

Essie Dunbar

Image Source : Calebwilde.Com

Essie Dunbar was a black lady who was mistakenly buried at the age of 30. But she was fortunate enough because for her sister arrived late at her funeral and therefore the priests decided to have her resurrected for her sister to see her one last time.

The coffin was reopened and Essie stood up from her “grave” smiling at her sister. The priests and Essie’s sister was frightened so much so that they ran around the city with their tales between their legs.

Being buried to death long before your die is one of the worst realities you could ever experience. The people mentioned above surely possess a strong luck and a brave heart to have faced such a situation.



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