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Maintaining your car in a way that makes it a supercool vehicle for the environment

While you may love the smell of your newly bought car, it is important to know that this scent can badly affect your health. There are aerosol sprays used to create the aroma that is intoxicating. Even during the car manufacturing process, there are such materials used that emit poisonous fumes.

You will be surprised to know that over 275 types of chemicals exist within your new car and these are enough to cause serious diseases to people. Further, cars contribute significantly in polluting the external environment. Thus, there is an intense need for owners to maintain their cars in greener ways. Here are some tips to care for your precious possession in a green way so you can protect your health, as well as the ecology.

Basic car care

It is a common issue is to gain good mileage from your car. However, you will have to improve the efficiency of your vehicle if you want to save money and reduce emissions. Thus, regular car tuning is required even if you have just purchased it. Proper and timely maintenance of its parts lead to reduced gas consumption and pollution. Therefore, you should get the spark plugs tested and filters replaced or cleaned when required. Timely action can save a lot of your money spent on serious troubles that may develop later on.

Apart from this, you should drive at the recommended speed limits and use air conditioning only on need. Smart driving saves your car’s fuel consumption. Additionally, keep the load light in your car and watch out for the right tire pressure to be maintained. It is also important to maintain the cooling, fuel and emission systems of your car regularly. If you notice anything irregular, get your car inspected immediately.

Battery care

Another important aspect of green car care is the maintenance of its batteries. While these should be placed securely and firmly, you should also keep the battery tray and battery clean. Do not let heavy mud or grease collect on it. Even the top of vent plug should not be clogged. Keep checking whether the clamps are tight enough. You should also ensure that your car batteries are not left idle for more than a month or so. Else, the battery might go dead and require replacement. When the battery is charged, make sure that it is done at the recommended current so it is not damaged. If you are adding a new battery, then it should be of the right capacity.

Interiors maintenance

Since the interiors of your car already have chemicals, avoid cleaning any surface or part using a chemical cleaner. Use natural cleaners to go the green way. If your car has carpeted mats, then consider replacing with the ones made of recycled rubber so these may be washed off easily. Dirt removal can be best done using a vacuum cleaner. Use seat covers to prevent washing your seats often using harsh chemicals. If there is dry dirt, simply use a damp cloth to collect it and clean the surfaces inside your car.

Exterior paint maintenance

Go for frequent washing, polishing and waxing when it comes to maintaining the exterior finish or paint of your new car. It is better than rubbing and wiping regularly. However, you should buy only green car wash products and cleaners from a specialized store. Use a bucket and mug to wash your car instead of using a hose. This will save water.

Other eco-friendly tips

When your new car has gone some distance and its parts go rough, ensure to get them repaired if you face a trouble. Do not immediately go on replacing any part. Reusing and recycling works in all aspects of life. Thus, be resource friendly.

When you own a new car, do not just get excited to drive it thoughtlessly. See how you can make some small yet eco-friendly changes in its interiors and follow green ways to clean and maintain your car on a frequent basis. This will save your health, as well as nature.


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