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Cities with best public transit system in the world

Cities with best public transit system in the world

A city must meet the basic needs of its citizens and offer some privileges to them. A proper public transit system is one of the most important facilities that a city must offer to the citizens. Without a good public transport system, the city dwellers have to face immense lot of trouble. Due to the high price of gas and diesel, most middle class and working class people are unable to drive their automobiles.

People who own cars are also opting for the public transit system. Some basic qualities of a good public transit system include great coverage of areas, frequency, availability, low fares, comfort and cleanliness. Very few cities have public transit system that scores high in every aspect. In this article, we have listed some cities, which have the best public transit systems.

Tokyo, Japan:

Around eight million people use the subway system of Tokyo daily. The public relies on the city’s public transit system heavily. The entire subway system is 27,270 km long. The Japanese people believe a lot in cleanliness. The compartments of trains and the stations are spotlessly clean. The seats are well heated to save the passengers from cold and discomfort. The computerized system shows where you are and how long it will take you to reach the destination in both Japanese and English. The trains come at regular intervals and take passengers to their destinations right on time. The train workers always help you to board the train. Apart from subway and train, Tokyo also has a good bus system.


A good public transit system is one of the best characteristics of London. The British people are known for their punctuality and the same is reflected by the transit system. The Tube is the common name by which the London subway system is called. The network of subway tracks is 400 km long. A huge number of people travel daily on The Tube. Every year more than a billion people use the subway system of London. For the safety and security of the passengers, a number of CCTV cameras have been installed. Police guards roam the subway stations to assure that none of the passengers is harassed. The ferry system and bus system of London also help the public in reaching their destinations faster.

Seoul, Korea:

Use of technology has helped in making the public transit system of Korea even better. The subway system of Seoul co-operates with the bus system of the city. Everyday around 8 million people travel through the subway system. It covers a total of 282 kilometers. LED screens tell the waiting passengers about the arrival time of the trains. English announcements help the international travelers to understand important news.

Berlin, Germany:

The Germans are famous for their efficiency and their public transit system is a proof of this. The subway system of Berlin is called U-Bahn. It connects with the above the ground train system. The rail system is connected with many other public transit systems. The trains are always on time and you will get full mobile network underground.

Curitiba, Brazil:

The public transport system of Curitiba is also very highly evolved. The thoughtfulness behind the different aspects of the transit system is heart warming. People prefer the timely and convenient bus transport. The bus shelters are unique and well designed.


Public transit system is important for the citizens of an urban area. Many cities are trying hard to enhance their public transit system for the sake of the citizens.

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