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Post-Pandemic: 5 New Skills the Healthcare Industry Demands from Nurses

Skills the Healthcare Industry Demands from Nurses

Nursing is an ever-changing profession that evolves according to the environment and fulfills the demands of the dynamic health sector. Even if you are a nurse who recently started their practice, you can attest that the whole nursing and healthcare dynamic has changed drastically since the pandemic. As a result, every nurse is grappling to stay up-to-date with procedures, policies, practices, treatments, and technology.

Therefore, there are some specific qualities a nurse needs to master to become successful. No matter your aspirations, specialty, or location, there are some new skills the healthcare industry demands from nurses.

Why honing new skills is crucial for nurses


Professionals in the nursing field can never stop learning, whether in terms of practice or research. It is the responsibility/duty of a nurse to stay up-to-date with the latest medical techniques, narrow down the most suitable procedures, and use them for patient care. In addition, it is a nurse’s job to question their practices and strive to achieve better results constantly. Therefore, to become a qualified nurse, you must learn to remain abreast of the latest medical developments.

Aside from your hectic work routine, you will have to take out some time to learn about new procedures, researches, treatment methods, etc. And this is why most nurses opt to continue their education online while working full-time. In the same essence, many healthcare facilities encourage their nurses to pursue the DNP programs online to develop specialties and progress in their careers.

Apart from educational learning, nurses must also develop their skills to avoid workplace issues. For example, suppose there is a possibility you might have to manage aggressive patients and their families. In that scenario, actively practicing emotional intelligence becomes highly critical.

Now, let’s discuss the new skills the healthcare industry demands:

Develop critical thinking 

A nurse has to deal with unexpected and unpredictable situations, which was quite evident during the pandemic. Therefore, rote learning all the books and following all the practices isn’t what will make you a good nurse. You can become a competent nurse when you learn to deal with unexpected situations by thinking innovatively and proactively. Rapidly adapting to the patient’s needs and even using an unusual combination of treatment methods to stabilize the patient can help maneuver difficult situations. To do this job, it takes a lot of critical thinking and reasoning to assess the whole situation and deal with the job successfully.

Nurses cannot be static. They have to treat various patients and determine how the disease and its diagnosis can affect their lives. Then, keeping these things in mind, they have to make decisions they can execute with the available resources.

Adapt to technology 

medical technology 

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with all the breakthrough technological advancements, penetrating each aspect of this industry. As a result, having technical awareness and expertise sometimes makes up for the nurse’s lack of relevant skill sets. Consequently, only nurses that can adapt to the technological advances in the healthcare industry remain valuable in this era.

Besides, the expansion of healthcare informatics is nothing short of astounding. Technology has become a crucial aspect of nursing. In the future, technological changes will determine the future direction nurses will have to take.

Adapt to the broader picture 

As technology advances and healthcare demands increase, so does the responsibility of nurses. Nurses now have to be more involved with other health workers andcater to the varying needs of the masses. They have to work shoulder to shoulder with healthcare leaders and policymakers, devising strategic policies and regulations. In addition, healthcare is becoming increasingly fragmented as medicine is evolving to target special needs. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a nurse to understand the bigger picture to ensure optimal patient healthcare.

Effectively communicate 

nurse communicating with patient

Effective communication has undeniably always been an integral part of the healthcare system. Still, it is becoming more critical in the present. Nurses hold an essential position that allows them to communicate and educate their colleagues and the patients. However, as easy as that may sound, effective communication isn’t all cakewalk. It majorly depends upon a person’s ability to listen and participate in the conversation actively.Therefore, they must learn to adapt and work as a team.

Refine your compass 

A nurse’s loyalty lies with their patient more than the healthcare facility. Hence, it is their responsibility to advocate for patient’s needs and rights whenever they see something amiss. Once a patient comes under their care, it becomes their responsibility to take care of them completely. That also includes standing up for the patient when the physician makes an unfair decision or passes a negative remark. Here, the need for brushing up on concepts of inclusivity and diversity becomes imperative.

A nurse also needs to set aside any prejudice about any topic when treating a patient. They must treat everyone fairly, ensuring healthcare equality.


Nursing is a highly demanding profession, and constantly learning and adapting doesn’t make it any easier. Nonetheless, in the post-pandemic times, healthcare facilities are urging nurses to master these essential skills. These skills have become a necessity for ensuring quality patient care and career progression. Additionally, they allow nurses to perform their jobs effectively and help the healthcare industry overcome any unforeseen challenges.

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