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Singapore Places to visit – Top Ten ways to energize your spirit in Singapore

Famous street haji lane is closed in singapore

Singapore is a hot and happening city. The beaches, amusement parks, shopping malls and the night safari in the zoo can tempt anyone to visit this place at least once. However, the greatest temptation are the activities that boost your energy levels. So put aside your laziness and get ready to enrich yourself with lots of fun activities in Singapore.

  1. Botanic Gardens:Botanic Gardens is a beautiful piece of land in the lap of nature. The eco friend atmosphere of this place energies people and gives a positive vive. This is hot favorite place of joggers. Botanic Gardens opens its gate sharp at 5 a.m. This place does not disappoint the late risers also. Because it is open till midnight. This Garden is designed with multi colored orchids. Joggers enjoy their breakfast with soft boiled eggs, toasts and coffee.
  2. Artwork at the Ritz Carlton: Ritz Carlton is basically a hotel. But it will be unfair to misinterpret it as an ordinary hotel. The artwork of this place will take your breath and leave you speechless. The décor facilitated with crystal glass sculpture highlights the trend of contemporary and chic art. The vibrant colors give elevate the glamour of this place. This is a must visit place for the first time visitors of Singapore.
  3. Chinatown Heritage Center: Chinatown Heritage Center is a hub that reflects the culture of Singapore. The late 19th and 20th century society is being recreated here. The setting of old time bedrooms, kitchen relates you with the city’s nostalgia. In short, this center works like a time machine and offers you to visit 20th century’s Singapore. So that you will better understand the culture of Singapore.
  4. Plastic Surgery: CamdemMediacl Center is conceptualized by Richard Marirer. This is place that can master your flaws and leave you beautiful. You will be facilitated with plastic surgeries and Botox treatment by experts.
  5. Haji Lane: Hazi Lane is known as the fashionista’s place. This place is a hub for variety of Muslim cloths that underlines the rich heritage of Muslim. You will get a rare collection of Muslim dresses and jewelries here. You can taste the ice cream of different flavors from the ice cream parlor associated with this lane.
  6. The Singapore Flyer: The Singapore Flyer is a 165 meter flyer. People get a crazy rise over it.  But this ride is a bit expensive. So it is a good opportunity for you to take ride without waiting in long line.
  7. The White Rabbit: White Rabbit is not the cute animal we are familiar with. It is a bar cum restaurant that offers you exclusive dishes in an inexpensive prize. The well furnished interiors attract visitors here. And the gloomy atmosphere of the place suits your romantic mood. You can pamper your beloved with top class deserts here.
  8. Geylang :Geylangisnamed after the king Geyland. Though Geylang is a restaurant it preserves a lot of historical stories in its bag. The décor gives a feel of olden times. Peranakan, Indian, Malaysian dishes will be served at the tables of Geylang in order to please you.
  9. Zouk: Zouk is a world famous night club located at Singapore. It ensures you a loud party time. Zouk flags its originality with its own house music. You can taste the noise and ear soothing music at one sip here.
  10. Electronic For Cheap: If you want to satisfy your appetite for Electronic Gadgets you must Sim Lim square. You will get handi cams, portable DVD players in an inexpensive prize.

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