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Do’s and don’ts for making your road trip safe

making your road trip safe

Road trips are fun when you go on exploring places and that too, in your own vehicle. Though there can be good and bad experiences, you shouldn’t let them go worse for you and your family or friends. You should take several safety precautions while on a road trip. Check out some important tips to keep in mind before you get ahead wandering on the open road.


  1. If you are on a long stretch of the road and are not sure where you will finally land up, keep a check on your gas tank like a really crazy person. Yes, it is required to ensure your safety so you are not stranded on your way. Also, avoid reaching just any gas station on such risky routes. You should have proper gas and working cell phone with you once you start wandering on a lonely stretch.
  1. When you are interacting with locals, try to remain friendly but do not reveal your travel plans or leave maps in sight. If any consultation is required, do it in a more discreet manner.
  1. Always check your car’s backseat to remain safe from any untoward incident. There are criminals who try to take control of your car while sitting at the back as you would not be watching.
  1. Always keep the emergency kit in your car. It can be horrible to see your car getting jammed on a lonely street at night! Also keep other things of requirement with you, such as a blanket, flashlight, first-aid kit, jumper cables, flares, water and snacks.
  1. Keep some ready food in your car as you would not always get a lunch or dinner prospect while driving long on some highways. It’s not great to remain hungry on a road trip.
  1. Drive slowly as there is no rush and you need to watch out for amazing things on your way. Isn’t that what you came out on the road for? But, keep a watch on your car and belongings whichever place you go to and decide to stay at.


  1. Don’t wander to just any unknown town that carries a nice name to attract you. It is better to do your own research on various places that might fall on your way. Make sure to visit only those towns that seem to be safe for visitors.
  1. Don’t keep any hard objects or harmful fluids at the backseat of your car. You might need to stop at a sudden moment and these fluids and objects can then fly around. Liquids may even get out of their containers and spill off to cause danger. So, keep your car neat and tidy.

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