What you should do and what not when visiting Las Vegas

Also called as the ‘Sin City’, Las Vegas is the place to be if you are above 18 years of age and have some serious money to spend! However, your trip to the city would prove to be fruitful only if you take a few necessary pointers into consideration. Accordingly, here is a list of things you should when visiting Las Vegas, followed by a list of the things you should not do as well!



1. Stick to the City Center

Although the south end (called the ‘south strip’ or ‘Las Vegas Boulevard’) of the city is where the party is (literally), you are better off staying somewhere in the city center, especially if you are traveling on a budget.

Staying near the center of the city would be cost effective, and would make it easier for you to reach the Las Vegas Boulevard when compared to a hotel up north which would increase your commute time like crazy! And did we forget to mention that you would need to probably walk the entire distance?

2. Research thoroughly on accommodation and dining choices

They don’t call the city ‘Lost Wages’ for nothing! A couple of bad choices and you would end up broke even before your holiday is half way through. The best way to prevent this is to do thorough research before actually coming here.

The internet would give you plenty of information on the best places to stay and dine in the city. A word of advice from our end as well. Do not travel during the busy season when you won’t get access to the good hotels and the substandard ones also charge hefty prices. If you plan on seeing some shows during your trip, book them in advance to avoid missing out on the tickets or paying double the amount for them. Search for package deals online that would offer you accommodation, dining choices and other services at incredibly affordable prices.

3. Plan your gambling budget

Never walk into a casino in Las Vegas with the intent of just gambling for fun. You would get swept into the fervent atmosphere and end up gambling most of your life savings!

Rather, plan well ahead in advance on the amount of money you would want to spend in gambling. If you lose, walk out the moment your budget is reached. If you win however, use the winnings for more games rather than touching the money you brought along.


1. Stay in a 3 star hotel with your family

If you are traveling with family, then the best option for you would be a 4 or 5 star hotel that would only welcome families and elite guests. You can get good deals in these hotels on weekdays and during the off season.

3 star hotels would be cheap no doubt it! But that would also include an open invitation for the not so pleasant crowds you definitely don’t want your family (especially your kids) to see.

2. Take only High Heels

If you end up in Las Vegas with nothing but a pair of heels, trust to nurse a bruised, sore ankle by the end of the trip. The Las Vegas Boulevard is nearly 4.2 miles long, not to forget mentioning the extremely large hotels, shopping malls and casinos; all of which you need to navigate by foot.

Of course you can always opt to travel by bus. But the strip is best explored on foot. And the best way to do that is to get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes or flip flops. Better yet, you can opt to just walk barefoot through the entire stretch! Don’t worry, for you won’t be the only one walking with his/her shoes in his/her hand.











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