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Allopathic medicines on which we normally depend much is often not a total solution to our ailments. A combination of allopathic and holistic approach to curing a disease would be an ideal approach. Allopathic treatments represent the conventional medicine that uses pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat symptoms for the time being. It is transient in character and addresses the patho-physiological process of a disease.

On the other hand, a holistic medicine represents a philosophy that all the properties of a given system covering physical, social, and biological elements cannot be fully determined by the component alone. It’s best to have a full blown comprehensive approach to a health disorder. It is a system as a whole that determines how the parts coordinate and function together to achieve the overall goal of mental and physical wellbeing.


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The allopathic approach concentrates upon the treatment of immediate sufferings of a patient as diagnosed by symptoms. It treats the surface manifestations of an ailment which might have a much deeper root than what might have been apparently visible.An ideal example would be a patient with a severe headache visiting a local allopathic clinic.

The bottom-line symptoms are studied and medications delivered.If it doesn’t work, blood test and CT scan of the head is advised. If it still doesn’t work to cure the disease, the case is referred to a specialist. The primary attention of the allopathic doctor is to reduce the sufferings immediately and give the patient comfort. Now, here holistic treatment comes into the scene. Long term results of a disease can be addressed through holistic approach.

The Approach:

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In India, there is a clear distinction between allopathic and holistic treatments so far as the schools to which the respective doctors belong to are concerned. They are way different.
An MBBS doctorpractices allopathic treatment, whereas a natural medical practitioner takes up a holistic approach in curing a disease.

It should rather be an integrated treatment package where the combined system finds use in delivering the best of both to the patient. Here a relevant noteworthy point is the patient’s involvement in the entire treatment process. The more involved is the patient making choices regarding healthcare more foreseeable it becomes to read the results of the treatment.

It must be borne in mind every medical practitioner no matter which school of thought he belongs to can actively contribute towards enhancing your health provided he is contacted at the right time.

Traditional Chinese medicine

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TCM is an age old and yet very effective and holistic approach to health and healing. It is firmly established on a platform of belief of total harmony and cosmic equilibrium with the application of concepts of prevention and moderation.


TCM looks upon health in its entirety and doesn’t focus just on components that require immediate repair. It has its unique concepts of anatomy, health, and treatment.
The chief tools against a disease can take various forms like:
– Acupuncture.
– Diet regulations and prevention.
– Herbal medicines.
– Massage.
– Exercise.
It emphasizes triggering the body’s natural curative potential.


In conditions of acute trauma, modern trauma treatments must not replace TCM. However, for cancer or bacterial infection TCM may not be the final sacrosanct solution. But it can be employed as a complimentary supportive back up treatment in addition to the modern medicines.

Normal results:

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TCM believes when our physical and mental equilibrium that is naturally fine-tuned with environment gets disrupted we fall sick. Hence the system attempts to restore the balance.


TCM practiced by an unqualified medical practitioner could be dangerous. For example, an infection from acupuncture needle can spread fast to the other parts of the body owing to a heightened blood flow for enhanced pace of circulation.

 Uniqueness of TCM:

TCM is way different from western medicines.Since the early Chinese doctors were philosophers as well, their total perspective of the world and the role of human beings in it affected the treatment. In the western world, diseases are treated analytically and of course rationally. But the traditional Chinese doctors take up a humane approach. Rapport with the patient is very important.

Basis of TCM:

TCM is founded on the 5-element theory- air, water, fire,earth and ether. The concept of ‘ chi ‘ which denotes life force or energy is very different from western ideas.The flow of chi is spontaneous, and when it is blocked we fall sick. TCM methods are natural and non-invasive.
In case of cancer, a western doctor will suggest chemotherapy or radiation or surgery in case of other disorders.

However, it is likely that a traditional Chinese doctor will suggest acupuncture or dietary modifications.TCM looks forward to curing the root cause of the disease and not merely the symptoms. In the western medical philosophy, patients with similar physical or mental disorder complaints receive same treatment. However, TCM believes that identical diseases may have different causes. 

The holistic approach of treatment through traditional Chinese medicines can help the patient to recoup lessening the dependency on allopathic medicine.

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