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Improving your health and performance with energy medicine

Of late, a number of medical practitioners have started turning towards energy medicine to treat their patients. Energy medicine refers to a revolutionary for of healthcare which relies on nothing but the body’s energy to treat itself. It works on the principle of harnessing the energy fields inside living systems to treat issues related to biology, physiology and even regulating processes. The effectiveness of energy medicine is such that the demand for the same has increased in cases where the patients do not respond to traditional treatments.

Benefits of energy medicine

Energy medicine has many benefits over traditional medications and treatments. These include:

  • Treats the root cause

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Traditional medicines will only treat a condition and its symptoms rather than identifying and treating the underlying root cause. However, energy medicine will focus on the latter, and in doing so, will effectively clear the very reason behind your sickness in the first place. This helps eliminate the root cause of the sickness, thus ensuring a 100% cure and prevention of relapses.

  • Clears emotions

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Energy medicine works great in clearing out emotional blockages from the mind. It helps you release all the pent up emotions in your mind. In doing so, this will release the energy locked up by these emotions, thus making you healthier both physically and psychologically in the long run.

  • Acts as a self-healer

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Energy medicine promotes the body to heal itself naturally from sicknesses. This helps the body reduce its dependency on medicines and other foreign elements to heal. Energy medicine helps remove toxic energy from bodily wounds as well, thus clearing out the way for the body energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. This, in turn, promotes self-healing and helps the body get over physical and emotional wounds easily.

Using energy medicine effectively

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Energy medicine can be used to treat a number of sicknesses in the human body, provided you learn how to use it right in order to harness your body’s free flowing energy. Here is a standard example of how you can use energy medicine to treat a condition like sleep disorder or insomnia.

  • Transform the bedroom into a sanctuary

sleeping habit

The bedroom is considered as a sanctuary according to Feng Shui principles. Hence, the space needs to be as peaceful as possible. This means you will need to remove all kinds of distracting items from there, including televisions, computers and even cell phones. Remove anything and everything that can stress you out even remotely. Now look around the bedroom and you will immediately feel at peace with the space.

  • Switch off lights by 10 p.m.

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You may be accustomed to working late into the nights. This can wreak havoc on your body’s regular function with time. Hence, it is considered essential to establish a regular bedtime routine and stick to it consistently. Make sure you hit the bed by 10 p.m. every day without fail. This lets your body’s energy balance itself out and promote sound sleep during the night. Otherwise, you will find yourself waking up at regular intervals in between or experiencing restlessness while sleeping.

  • Eat/Drink calming substances

Hand take kernel walnut

Energy medicine indicates that in order to promote sound sleep at night, it is considered wise to avoid foods and drinks that can increase your adrenaline levels and keep you awake instead. Substances containing sugar and caffeine, including coffee, tea, desserts and alcohol, etc. need to be avoided at all costs. Cutting out coffee from your regular bedtime routine alone will allow you to experience a near instant change in your sleeping habits. Also make it a point to consume calming foods and drinks like rice, cherry juice, walnuts and ginger tea, etc. before hitting the bed at night. These will help you sleep throughout the night with minimal intrusions.

Energy medicine refers to an alternative form of healthcare that is equally effective as traditional medicines and treatments. Energy medicine utilizes the body’s free flowing energy to treat the latter instead of relying conventional medicines. And it does the same by helping the body release pent up, negative energy via several rather simple methods.

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