Yoga makes the best of your physical and emotional health

yoga is beneficial for physical and emotional health

Yoga is a centuries old practice that people do in order to maintain their physical and emotional well-being. It is an ideal way to strengthen body muscles; it removes stiffness and makes joints flexible. Besides this, yoga makes our immune system stronger that enables the body to fight so many diseases. Yoga is beneficial not just for physical health, it is equally good for the mental and the emotional health as well.

Why Yoga?

Life today is so busy and stressful that it takes a toll on our health. All of us keep running behind material pursuits and we hardly get time to take care of our physical and mental health. Even a successful person sometimes lacks inner peace, and this is why there are more instances of people with poor mental health. If a person does not enjoy good mental and emotional health, he can never be happy and healthy. Stress today is the biggest reason responsible for many physical ailments that are on rise. Therefore, the need of the hour is to eliminate stress from our lives, and what other better way it could be than to practice yoga in order to gain flawless emotional health.

Yoga benefits the body and mind

Yoga practice enables a person to develop complete control over emotions and moods, thus bringing feelings of happiness and relaxation in one’s life. It gives us power to deal with all our emotions in the best possible way, without harming ourselves and the people related to us. Many of us experience a fire within us, the fire of emotions. It is a situation wherein a person feels uneasy with the emotions. Yoga is a sure shot remedy to put off the fire of emotions and aggression inside a person.

The breathing patterns that we use while doing yoga poses have a magical effect on our mind, body, and emotions. Majority of the mental and the physical problems take place when our mind, body and emotions are not in balance. Breathing brings harmony amongst these three aspects and human being starts feeling happy and healthy. When a person experiences all good feelings after an initial practice of yoga, he gets motivated and makes it a point to do yoga every single day.

Yoga is a balm for your troubles

Today, yoga is believed to be the best solution to cure stress and depression in a harmless way, which is in contrast to medication that often comes with side effects. Yoga brings into use numerous breathing techniques that enable a person to calm down and to release stress. All breathing techniques aim to affect the expression of emotions, the mood, and the mental level of a person. “Ujjayi” is the most common and the most helpful breathing technique that helps people to regain their lost peace of mind. The inhalation and exhalation pattern used in Ujjayi enhances the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the calming response of the body.

People who practice yoga everyday experience that calming and the soothing effect of yoga on their emotions. All of us usually suppress and hide our emotions, as we are suspicious regarding the consequences of our outburst of emotions. Doing this creates a fire of emotions within us, which hurts us and other people as well.


Yoga teaches us to embrace all our emotions and to confront them rather than their suppression. It would be fair to say that yoga is a superb tool for physical health and even better for the emotional health of a person.

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