Meditation to relieve stress and importance of ‘Raja Yoga’

health risks of stress

Stress has become an integral part of our lives and whether we are at work or anywhere else, we have to face it. There are many health risks of stress starting from development of destructive behavior to chances of heart attacks and other diseases linked to stressful living. Thus, it is imperative to control stress if we want to regain our physical as well as mental health and Raja Yoga can be an answer to stress.

Meditation to Reduce Stress

Meditation is the best way of reducing stress and in scientific studies, it has now been confirmed that meditation can boost your physical as well as mental health as well as increase memory power and learning capacity. Several brain scans have been performed on people before they do meditation and after meditation completes. The scans clearly show reduction in stress after meditation as compared to scans performed before meditation.

Meditation and Raja Yoga

One form of yoga that puts more emphasis on meditation is Raja Yoga and it includes all the 8 steps that are part of Pantanjali Yoga. Many people do not know that Raja yoga originated before earlier civilizations started using written text. The term Raja means King and indicates power mind has. This form of yoga is now being used for several centuries by “rishis” (saints) with the aim of uniting body, spirit and the mind together to achieve enlightenment, the final goal being to merge oneself with the almighty.

Benefits of Raja Yoga

The benefit of doing this yoga is that it helps in relaxing your mind and opening up your conscious inner self with the main emphasis of this form of yoga is on meditation. Some of the other benefits include stimulation of glands, improvement in blood circulation and strengthening of muscles.

If you practice Raja Yoga on a regular basis then you will notice improvement in concentration as well as memory power and allow you to control your emotional commotions.


Yoga is very useful for development of mind as well as body. The benefits of yoga have been proved scientifically also and it is now quite popular all over the world. Raja yoga is another form of yoga that puts more emphasis on meditation for reduction of stress levels and relaxing the mind. Nowadays as stress is becoming one of the major concerns leading to several types of diseases both, physical and mental, practice of Raja Yoga is becoming even more important now.

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