Wellness Therapy Guide

Health conscious individuals seek to improve their overall well-being and constantly look for ways to achieve this in a holistic manner through therapies and treatments. From people suffering due to chronic illnesses who need a significant overhaul, to others who require minor therapies to get rid of sprains and bruises, everyone realizes that wellness therapies can help them reach the level of physical and mental fitness that they desire. The many paths to activate the process of healing and mind-body restoration have become increasingly evident with the onset of innovative treatments and revolutionary therapies available for all kinds of illnesses that come with modern lifestyles.

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Healthcare professionals the world over cater to individuals who demand an integration of conventional medicine with therapies in order to heal faster and have long lasting results on their comprehensive wellness. Hospitals now offer services as varied as nature-based aromatherapy to cutting-edge therapies for cancer and heart disease. Most up-market hotels and resorts also understand that people now see spa therapy and mineral treatments as deciding factors while making their final choice, and not just as additional amenities because wellness as a concept is now accepted as an essential ingredient in leading a healthy and long life.

Chocolate consumption is no longer considered as the guilt-initiating pleasure. Most calorie-conscious health-watchers would outright discard this savory item from their food chart. Chocolate prepared from the seeds of cocoa plant, loaded with nutrients can […]

New chocolate therapy

Yoga is to focus on the present and give a good stretch to your body so that energy can flow freely in your body from head to toe. Here are some yoga tips and poses

Make Your Mornings More Mindful and Energetic with Yoga

Extracted from dried leaves of plants cultivated in Paraguay, Brazil, and northern Argentina, yerba mate has been consumed for centuries in beverages. It is caffeine containing anextract that is widely popular as both hot and

South American yerba mate

It may be assumed that if you are reading this feature you or someone known to you is suffering from the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You know the pain, constipation, bloating and diarrhea that the


You may be suffering from severe body pain due to old-age, sports injuries or some other disorder. Although in some cases ointments and pain-relieving sprays might work, but such medicament cannot show any effect in

Relive pain

Weight loss isn’t easy but for some it is way harder than others. Even after following diet and exercise weight loss programsreligiously, they fail to achieve desired results and their weight loss goals. Herein, alternative

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Urban life makes us dull and also affects our health. One of the best ways to break away from the dullness of the urban lives and get some sort of relaxation, especially for the health

Women facing problems with breast size normally go in for surgeries, but surgeries can have several drawbacks and may result in scars which can be visible and look very ugly. The breast may be uneven


Yoga is definitely one of the best fitness formulas. It helps the in the strengthening of both body and mind. The meditative aspect helps improve mental concentration and energy and it is also a good


To have that perfect hourglass figure is every woman’s dream. The size of the breast plays a vital role. Instead of opting for cosmetic therapies,it makes sense to enhance them naturally. The best way to

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