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Health conscious individuals seek to improve their overall well-being and constantly look for ways to achieve this in a holistic manner through therapies and treatments. From people suffering due to chronic illnesses who need a significant overhaul, to others who require minor therapies to get rid of sprains and bruises, everyone realizes that wellness therapies can help them reach the level of physical and mental fitness that they desire. The many paths to activate the process of healing and mind-body restoration have become increasingly evident with the onset of innovative treatments and revolutionary therapies available for all kinds of illnesses that come with modern lifestyles.

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Healthcare professionals the world over cater to individuals who demand an integration of conventional medicine with therapies in order to heal faster and have long lasting results on their comprehensive wellness. Hospitals now offer services as varied as nature-based aromatherapy to cutting-edge therapies for cancer and heart disease. Most up-market hotels and resorts also understand that people now see spa therapy and mineral treatments as deciding factors while making their final choice, and not just as additional amenities because wellness as a concept is now accepted as an essential ingredient in leading a healthy and long life.

  Naturopathy- nature care or return to nature. Naturopathy is alternative system of medicine found in Europe, is based on the philosophy that Given the right environment and opportunity body can heal and correct the […]

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According to Indian philosophy, Meditation is a three step process performed to achieve a state of consciousness and internal awareness, which gives serenity, clarity and bliss. It is a personal spiritual experience. Different technique of


  Massage therapy is a blend of science and art, which had been practiced since the ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indian and Egyptian era. Massages are done to treat certain diseased condition with overall wellness,

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  Magnetic therapy is a system of medicine in which magnets are used as a therapeutic tool for treatment of varied illness. The association of magnet with health and wellness is a very old concept,

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  Homoeopathy is a most popular alternative system of medicine, founded by Dr. Samuel Hanneman in Germany, 1794. It is based on the principle of “Similia”; a substance which is capable of producing disease like

Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy based on the fact that mind and body can not work separately. During hypnotherapy, Patients are sent in a hypnotic state to stimulate the subconscious self healing process of

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  Herbal medicine is a known branch of CAM, in which plants and their derivatives are utilized to treat, cure, and prevent varied diseased conditions.  The herbal medicines are being used since ancient time as


Osteopathy is a type of complementary medicine that involves working with body’s structure and function. It aims at maintaining the proper mechanical functions of the body. It is based on the theory that abnormal changes

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Colour therapy is a complementary medicine, practiced since ancient time in Egypt, China and India. In colour therapy, different colours are used to balance energy and stimulate body’s own healing ability, which will promote physical,

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Aroma (or smell) Therapy – healing. Aromatherapy is an ancient science of healing, relaxing and rejuvenating by using “pleasant smelling scents” also called as essential oils.  The essential oils (life force of the plants) are

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