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Health conscious individuals seek to improve their overall well-being and constantly look for ways to achieve this in a holistic manner through therapies and treatments. From people suffering due to chronic illnesses who need a significant overhaul, to others who require minor therapies to get rid of sprains and bruises, everyone realizes that wellness therapies can help them reach the level of physical and mental fitness that they desire. The many paths to activate the process of healing and mind-body restoration have become increasingly evident with the onset of innovative treatments and revolutionary therapies available for all kinds of illnesses that come with modern lifestyles.

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Healthcare professionals the world over cater to individuals who demand an integration of conventional medicine with therapies in order to heal faster and have long lasting results on their comprehensive wellness. Hospitals now offer services as varied as nature-based aromatherapy to cutting-edge therapies for cancer and heart disease. Most up-market hotels and resorts also understand that people now see spa therapy and mineral treatments as deciding factors while making their final choice, and not just as additional amenities because wellness as a concept is now accepted as an essential ingredient in leading a healthy and long life.

Yoga is possibly the most ancient and natural way to keep your body and mind fresh and healthy. While practicing yoga, all you need to do is stretch your body muscles in a precise manner, […]

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Nowadays, diabetes (especially type 2) is becoming a common disease affecting people all over the world. Diabetes is not only troubling the older people but also becoming a common phenomenon among younger generation as well.

You Might Have Diabetes

Until and unless you learn it from an experienced yoga practitioner, you can’t be sure about the correct way of doing Yoga. If done the wrong way, it may lead to serious implications that may

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For all of the naysayers around the world – yes, Yoga does play its part in improving our physique. So, with the current trend for six packs and love handles, some Yoga poses do come

Yoga poses for building abdominal muscles

Auto urine therapy is considered as a part of Ayurvedic Yoga tradition and is also called ‘amaroli’. It is an ancient practice in India, Egypt and China and is widely practiced in many parts of

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  The Unani medicine was originated in Greece or Unan. The scientific status to Unani medicine was given by the great Hippocrate. It is based on the principle of four humors Dum (blood), Balgham (Phlegm),


  Tai chi is martial art in the form of meditative exercises for the body, based on the ancient Chinese Tao philosophy. Tai chi is known as “moving meditation” – as it involves slow, smooth,


  Shiatsu is one of the ancient holistic healing techniques. It was introduced in Japan from China. “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure” in Japanese. The fingers are used to apply pressure on the body, so as


  Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”; it was rediscovered by Dr.Mikao Usui, in Japan. In reiki therapy, the unseen universal energy is transmitted, by the reiki master using the “laying on

Reiki Therapy

  It is said “You are what you EAT”. Nutrition plays major role in over all growth of a person since birth. The importance of nutrition had been known since civilization. The nutritional therapy is

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