Yoga as an exercise to increase breast size and relieve back pain

To have that perfect hourglass figure is every woman’s dream. The size of the breast plays a vital role. Instead of opting for cosmetic therapies,it makes sense to enhance them naturally. The best way to do it is by yoga. There are some poses which actually help in increasing the breast size.

Yoga poses to increase breast size

  • Try out cobra pose

Cobra pose is also known as the “Bhujanasana” It has been found to be very beneficial and you can do it comfortably in your house. Just lie flat on the ground on your stomach. Now place the palms on the floor. With the help of the palms raise the upper portion of the body and look upright for a few seconds and then go back to the resting position. Repeat the pose 5 times daily.

  • Be like a camel

Camel pose or Ustrasana is one more pose which has immense benefits when it comes to increasing the size of the breast. Kneel and place hands on the hips. Make sure that the sole of your feet faces the ceiling.Now try to get the tail bone towards the pubis. Inhale as you do this.

Arch your back and place your palms on your feet. When you do this remember that the hands should be straight. Hold on to the pose for a few seconds. Repeat it two more times. Remember that you will need to practice the pose daily and do it slowly and carefully.

  • Tree pose serves the purpose

Try out the tree pose of Vrikshasana. Stand straight and bend the left leg and place it on the right thigh. Now as you inhale to raise your arms in praying pose. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then come back to resting position. Follow the same steps now with the opposite side;place the right leg on the left thigh.

  • Triangle pose

For the triangle pose or trikonasana stand straight on the floor then spread your feet such that right one is at 90 degrees and left is at 15 degrees.Bend body to the right from the hip portion.Keep waist straight and let left hand go up and right hand go down. Both arms should be in straight line. Return to original position and follow steps for another side.

Lower back pain

While talking about yoga poses for women one common health issue with women is lower back pain. One can get this problem resolved with the help of some simple yoga poses.

  • Downward dog pose

Lie down on the floor on your stomach.Keep your palms flat on the floor. Balance your body on your feet and hands and bring your hips above the floor. Repeat the posture twice.Try to raise your hips as much as you can. Hold on to the pose for a few seconds and return to resting position.

  • Palm tree pose

Stand straight with hands on the side. Lift both the arms and heel together as you inhale. Keep this pose for a few seconds. Spin the arms backwards and downwards and lower the heels.

  • Pigeon pose

Keep right knee behind right wrist. Lower leg should be at a diagonal to the left hip.Now bend forward and place one hand on the top of other hand.Stay in this pose for few seconds. Repeat for the other side.

  • Cow Pose

In this pose take the pose of the cow on its four limbs using your knees and palms. Bend your back upwards and twist chin to the chest.The tailbone has to be pushed under.Hold the pose for a few seconds.

You can use the magic of yoga poses to increase the breast size. It is important to carry out the poses initially under the guidance of a good yoga instructor.

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