Hybrid Yoga is more than just a novelty – Things to know

Hybrid is basically combining two different things to get an innovative product. In the case of hybrid yoga, the asanas are combined with other forms of exercise dancing,aerobics,weights andanother form of workout routines with the basic purpose of getting better results and also it adds a fun element.

Why Yoga Hybrids or what are the benefits of yoga hybrids?

This form of yoga does not have the spiritual or meditational aspect of traditional yoga. So those people especially men who might find traditional for of yoga dull and boring are willing to take up yoga hybrid as it has a fun element to it and also involves an aggressive attitude.

Moreover, since it involves other forms of fitness and cardio training it is beneficial in increasing factors like flexibility, balancing,strength etc. By combining the traditional yoga practice with ballet, kickboxing, martial arts etc surely helps a great deal in improving the overall fitness of the body.

Yoga Hybrids: Yes or No!!


One might wonder if it is a good idea to follow these new yoga hybrid forms. There are two sides of the coin. The meditative aspect of traditional yoga is kind of stripped off from yoga hybrid and therefore some people might not be in favour of it. But on the other side, it has several benefits whereby the person practicing it finds it highly beneficial.

The fitness levels of the person are found to increase as it involves the combination of traditional yoga and some other form of fitness regime. It adds that much-needed flavour to your regular work out sessions.At the end of the day what matters is the way in which the hybrid yoga is performed. You can try out various permutations and combinations which work out best for your fitness and health.

Hottest Hybrid Yoga Trends

Few of the hottest yoga hybrid trends are as follows:


Fitness trainer John Koga designed this superb hybrid form which is a combination of traditional yoga with kickboxing.Music, meditation,different movements makes this a very interesting and happening style.

Aqua Yoga:

More balancing more fun by performing yogaasanas under the water. This is especially useful for those people who for some reasons have limited mobility as compared to other. Water provides the required buoyancy and helps one perform the asanas with ease.

Aerial Yoga or rope yoga:

Not just water you can even do it in the air. The aerial yoga form of hybrid yoga helps improve flexibility. It allows one to perform yoga aerially by using a cloth sling as a support. It helps in the movement of limbs,shoulder and trunk better. One more form of this type of hybrid is called the rope yoga and involves the use of a rope. Here ropes can be used in providing the balance to the various body parts.

Yoga and ballet:

Traditional yoga is wonderfully incorporated into flexible and lovely ballet dancing. It brings grace and flexibility to the traditional routine of yoga. Warm-ups are done with traditional sun salutations and the finer aspects of traditional yoga are beautifully performed along with the ballet style of dancing.

Yoga hybrid is a superb way of bringing the fun quotient to the traditional workout ways. It makes the workout session interesting and also serves the basic purpose of toning the body and making it more strong and flexible.

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