Why the millennials are crazy in biohacking wellness?

biohacking wellness

Biohacking wellness is making consistent incremental changes in lifestyle to enhance the performance of your mind and body in a quantifiable form which will stay for long. It is a unique approach to get enhanced brains, better bodies and improved thoughts for our overall wellbeing; a continuous effort to emerge as the improved edition of self. The global biohacking market is projected to touch $25103. 13 million by 2023 reports marketresearchfuture with the US having largest market share followed by Europe and Asia. Leading players of this market are namely ODIN, HVMN, Synbiota, Thync Global Inc, Apple, Moodmetric etc.

Why the millennials are crazy in biohacking wellness?

    1. What does the Biohacking trend entail?

    2. What is your biohacking to wellness?

    3. What are the simple lifestyle modifications?

    4. How is biohacking going out of the way?

    5. Do you need biohacking apps?

    6. Biohacking is fun but should it be an obsession?

Biohacking sounds simple enough and is most often so in reality. It is easy to incorporate into your daily life and that is why it has entered the mainstream wellness trend. But as explained by Dr. Meghan Walker, a naturopathic doctor and expert biohacker, your modifications must be measurable. You cannot improve if you are unable to measure the outcome.

What does the Biohacking trend entail?

Intermittent Fasting

Biohacking in truest form means exploitation of genetic material experimentally violating the accepted ethical norms. But the trend popularized by the Silicon Valley execs has given a new meaning with innovative tweaks in mind-body orchestration. It has become a sort of DIY biology.

It all started with the Bulletproof coffee, Paleo diets, intermittent fasting, the Four-day work Week concept etc. The inventor of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey, sums up Biohacking as the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you having a better control over your biology. No doubt, this trend is fuelling the millennials’ craze for wellness to lead a more productive and fulfilling life. More interestingly professional biohackers have set up shops in warehouses and other available spaces. Few of the well-known biohacking shops are Genspace, Bioartlab, BioCurious and LA Biohackers.

What is your biohacking to wellness?

The daily simple lifestyle modifications can be the most impactful biohacks but there are other hacks too that are generating more steam in the wellness space.

What are the simple lifestyle modifications?

  • Following an elimination diet:


Eliminate food allergens that are dragging your productivity without you being aware of the fact. It may be gluten, corn, soya, peanuts or dairy products.

  • Kicking off the sugar addiction:

Not the naturally occurring ones in fruits and dairies but the sugar additives found in different foods and beverages.

  • Changing your eating schedule:

Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity. Changing your eating times controls the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone and leptin, the hormone signaling you are full. For example, time-restricted eating like stopping eating anything after 7 PM can be a good way to biohacking wellness.

  • Getting more undisturbed sleep:

sleeping habit

Sleep deprivation puts you at a higher risk of chronic conditions like depression, poor concentration, weakened immune system, irritability, increase in appetite and fluctuating hormonal levels. Follow a strict sleeping schedule to get the 7-9 hour undisturbed sleep being away from the reach of electronic mobile devices.

  • Be grounded:

How often do you think of walking barefoot on grass or feel the sand under your feet? This can be a powerful biohack as your bare feet connected to the earth’s surface draws energy from it. The natural electrical charges from the earth flow through your body improving your sleep, reducing inflammation and if it is daytime, you get a fresh dose of Vitamin D as well.

  • Biohacking with sunlight:

Sunlight is free and accessible to all that triggers the Vitamin D production in our body. It is much effective than Vitamin D supplements and its moderate exposure of 10-20 minutes per day will not cause skin cancer. The release of endorphins is higher which can make you feel relaxed. It supports hormone regulation and boosts your productivity.

  • Tame your mind with meditation:

While all biohacking efforts have a nearly equal impact on body and mind, meditation is the ultimate hack to wellness. The benefits are endless starting from performance enhancing to improving sleep, reducing stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. A daily meditation habit is what you need to grow to reach higher levels of wellness.

Biohacking trends growing in popularity:

  • Eating more good fats:

ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet which is garnering attention may be a good biohacking option. With keto-diet, your body gets to a ketosis state and derives more energy from fats (or ketones) than carbohydrates. Stick to healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, clarified butter, nuts etc and take less starchy vegetables. High-protein foods like grass fed beef, freshwater fish and eggs are best fits in this diet.

  • Take nootropics:

It is the human brains that run the show with unique display of concentration, focus, intelligence, creativity and smart decision making.  Therefore, it is obvious that millennials would prefer Nootropics or brain boosting supplements to get rid of stress and brain fog.

Nootropics or neutraceuticals constitute amino acids like stress-reducing L- Thiamine known to be effective cognitive performance enhancers or the happiness-boosting Phenylethylamine. Other natural ingredients like uber honey, gingko biloba and Bacopa monnieri are also occupying this neutraceutical space.

  • Get your bulletproof coffee:

Definitely not the average latte but the innovative brew popularized by Silicon Valley techies. Use freshly ground coffee and supercharging brain octane oil adding unsalted grass-fed butter or clarified butter to get the creamy frothy mixture. Start your day with a cuppa and enjoy the lost lasting energy keeping your brain tuned throughout the day.

  • Chill out with cryotherapy:

Biohacking with whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is also catching up fast in the wellness trends. The cold shock that you receive in cryotherapy resets your body functions leading to greater productivity. Putting yourself from the comfort temperature levels to the extreme point reignites your system alert improving cellular function, mood, mental alertness and sleep.

  • Try functional music

It is not your favorite playlist. Biohacking with music means listening to tunes that sync with your brain waves. Pro biohackers use binaural beats to get into the meditative state that help in building focus and lift the mood.

  • Tracking hormone balancing and minimizing PMS:

Personalized bio hacks for women are important because of their exclusive hormonal system especially when it comes to tracking periods. Women’s energy, performance and mood vary a lot with the change in periodical hormonal levels. This can be tracked with special biohacking Apps enabling them to optimize their activities according to their hormonal levels.

How is biohacking going out of the way?

Biohacking is evolving in new ways as people go on experimenting in manipulating their biology.

  • Transhumanism, a step forward in biohacking


Going a step ahead, people are enhancing their bodily functions by inserting ‘chips’ and ‘bionics’, which can be called as Transhumanism. It is an emerging movement initiated by biohackers taking to experimenting with their bodies beyond traditional laboratories. Brain-computer interface is one such software inserted where brain’s signals can automatically do a job like clicking the computer mouse or changing the TV channel without using your hands. Mainly devised as a rehabilitation therapy for severely paralyzed patients, it has become a biohackers’ choice.

Biohackers are investing thousands of dollars to implant ‘chips’, ‘sensors’ and other devices simply to enhance their bodies without caring whether this makes them appear weird or not. With implanted ‘chips’ and ‘sensors’, you can open doors without your hand or monitor your blood glucose level subcutaneously.

  • Osteogenic machines 

These hi-tech machines can strengthen your bones in minutes as claimed by professional biohackers. Based on the science of osteogenic loading, you can get the result in few minutes with measured high impact loading and some exercises done once a week. The result is said to be similar to weight-bearing exercises that help in bone strengthening done through weeks. Here it takes only few minutes sparing you from long gym hours. However, you need to have a good knowledge about this and try this under a trained practitioner to enhance your physical ability to the level of athletic performance.

intermittent fasting

This popular biohacking trend that started in Silicon Valley in no time spread all over the world. It can help in weight management and boost brain power and clarity of thoughts. According to Dave Asprey, the noted biohacker, just skipping breakfast and taking only tea, coffee and water can help in better brain activity. A principle that is sure to raise eyebrows from health experts and nutritionists!

  • Neurofeedback

It is an interesting activity to train your brain by monitoring how it responds to different situations. Doesn’t it sound cool? EEG sensors are placed all over your scalp to monitor your brainwaves in different areas.  Then, you start playing a ‘video game’ with the brain electricity and progress with the game. The same thing can be done by playing music or a movie. More the positive activity of your brain, the faster the game moves ahead and vice versa. This means you will be training your brain to give positive response to go ahead with the game. This cycle of positive-negative reinforcement teaches the brain to detect the desirable brain waves and replace previous negative responses to various stressors. Long and intensive brain retraining program with neurofeedback can boost your creativity and IQ appreciably.

  • Inversion Therapy


It doesn’t feel exciting to keep yourself hanging upside down but biohackers think different! Practiced regularly, inversion therapy strengthens your brain capillaries bringing in more oxygen flow. More oxygen flow means better performance.

  • Virtual float tank therapy

A hi-tech intervention that makes your mind and body to float without getting wet! You achieve a state of deep meditative state in the tech-powered tank (or meditative capsule) helping your mind and body to rejuvenate and relax.  LED powered lights, special audio with binaural beats and gentle vestibular motion in the Virtual float tank combine to create the right ambience for mind-body healing. Various science-backed modalities and cutting-edge technologies are applied to activate your brain enhancing its potential along with calming your mind.

  • Near infra-red saunas

infra-red sauna

High temperature in traditional saunas may be too much for you to bear. With near infra-red saunas, you get the same benefits without taking the intense heat. It is a combination of light and health therapy. Near infra-red light can penetrate the body 9 inches deeper emitting low levels of EMF which are not harmful for our body. NIR saunas help in better detoxification and have extreme healing properties to heal wounds and injuries.

You have lots of biohacking options but follow only those that seem convenient and convincing to you. 

Do you need biohacking apps?

biohacking apps

It is absolutely not necessary if you are consistent in your hacking process and experience the welcome changes. But to get a measurable outcome of your biohacking, Apps can give you the measure of improvement and guide you with better ways for wellness enhancement.

Biohacking is fun but should it be an obsession?

Being at the top form in appearance and performance forever is a great obsession which is driving millennial to crazy biohacking. Biohacking is good but it should not be at the extreme level driving you to an unhealthy territory of nutritional deficiency and high risk of other disorders. Therefore, charting effective strategies in the natural way to improve your feeling can be the ideal biohacking to wellness.

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