Pediatric acupuncture, a new way to help your kids to health

In most children different medical problems can be managed adequately with medication, but there are children who cannot tolerate medicines and develop side effects with medicines. Parents of such children must consider acupuncture as an alternative treatment for their kids. Acupuncture can treat children with various ailments by curing the root cause of the illness and doing so without side effects and pain. Read below to know how and why pediatric acupuncture is becoming the new method of treating children.

Why acupuncture can be helpful to children?

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Children have a very different body constitution than adults. A new born requires few years in the growing process to have the organs inside the body functioning properly.

Owing to slow development of organs, kids are very susceptible to getting ill. As a result of weak immunity, kids are vulnerable to side effects of medicines. Broadly speaking, regularly prescribed medications for cough and cold can also have adverse effects on children up till the age of 10.

Modern medication is good at instantly resolving ailment in kids, but it does not heal the underlying root cause for the illness. Whenever child’s immunity becomes weak, the illness can spring back just because the root of the cause in still living in the body.Modern medicines should be considered to treat bigger and critical illnesses that require immediate medical attention, for most illnesses such as common cold, digestive disorders etc., acupuncture can be a good way to treat without side effects.

It has been proven that children tend to gain many benefits from oriental medication. Acupuncture on the other hand has established itself as one of the best form of alternate medication for children.

Natural approach to pediatric care


Acupuncture is a technique that focuses on treating symptoms that ensure safer treatment and recovery from illness. The treatment is long term and prevents illness from reoccurring in the future. The therapy stimulates body’s healing and helps the body gain its resilience against diseases.

Acupuncture is safe for children since the modern acupuncture treatment techniques are carried out using painless ways, this includes, needle-less (non-needle) treatment techniques. This makes acupuncture a safe treatment method for children and even children afraid of needles can be introduced to painless acupuncture.

Less invasive and side effects free treatment

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Parents are getting familiar with the fact that western medicines are instantly effective but they can have unwanted and counterproductive effects. This thinking is steadily taking parents towards alternative approaches such as acupuncture since it is less invasive and has close to no side effects.

Alternative medication, acupuncture per se, is unique form of treatment, which means it can be customized to a child’s individual needs, which is not generally possible with generic doctor prescribed medicines.

Moreover, the fact that acupuncture for kids is virtually painless, more and more parents are turning to acupuncture for safe, effective and natural pediatric care. Pediatric acupuncturists us rapid needling technique for babies and children, wherein the very fine needles (size of a hair strand) are used. The needles are inserted and removed immediately, this means kids don’t have to sit for endless hours; the process takes a few seconds and kids are free.

Safety of the technique

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For parents, safety in the acupuncture process is of prime concern. Acupuncturists realize the concern and not very child is put through the needle treatment process. Pediatric acupuncturists may use other painless therapeutic techniques for treatment through acupuncture.

For kids acupuncture the process where needles are inserted into the body may sound unsettling. But parents and therapists together can make the children understand that the technique is relatively safe and painless.

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