Acupuncture treatment for Menopause: Studies say it actually works!

Menopause is a challenging stage, defined as the absence of menstruation for more than 12 months and is experienced by every woman, sooner or later. However, the severity of experiences may vary from person to person. Some women may experience it as early as in their 30s, or many of them may experience it very lately; by their 50s.

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Symptoms may be person specific but some of the common symptoms observed are vaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleep disorders, mood fluctuations, weight gain, slow metabolism and fatigue. Many women also express complaints of heart diseases and bone problems, due to sudden hormonal changes.

Depending upon the severity of the symptoms, customized treatment can be offered. However, the general aim of all the treatments is to mitigate uncomforted or distressed feeling; in order to stay healthy, vital and sexually active.

In this regard, Chinese traditional rehabilitative approach and acupuncture go hand in hand to effectively treat post menopausal discomforts, with lasting benefits. Series of evidences and global patient’s reports have endorsed that a complete package of Chinese herbs along with acupuncture and proper nutritional maintenance can significantly ease physical and mental discomforts in all women irrespective of age, race and ethnicity.

Oriental medicines like acupuncture can relieve from post menopausal discomforts

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Current treatments such as hormone replacement therapy that have been offered as checkpoints of women menstrual health can boost lot of debate and confusion. It has been observed that these treatments can alleviate problems associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, osteoporosis; along with the detection of many dangerous side effects, like risk of breast cancer, heart attack, mental fluctuations, etc. However, hormone treatment is not the only solution; oriental medicines, like Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture may shine, with the ability to detect energetic changes occurring in the body, to relive from symptoms.

How does acupuncture work?

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According to the Chinese medical therapy, menopause is an inevitable phase of every woman’s life; wherein the body begins to preserve blood and energy in order to maintain vitality and nourishment for different organs of the body.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique; with the history of more than 3000 years. According to the National Institute of Health report, it is very safe and effective treatment for wide range of diseases, and hence is now extensivelyused throughout the world.The age old Chinese philosophy believes in the idea of opposite polarity and duality.

As per the belief, there are two contradictory and complementary forces that are actively interconnected and interdependent in the universe giving rise to many tangible dual stages, such as day and night. This fundamental concept is as well a central credo of Chinese medicine.

Accordingly, the same opposite forces are operating on the human body; keeping it healthy and naturally fit. The two forces are being balanced by constant flow of energy named as “qi” thorough specific pathways of the body known as “meridian”. However, if at any point of time this energy gets blocked or disrupted, it can give rise to pain, lack of function or diseased condition.

Acupuncture therapy works on some of the vital organs to relieve blocked qi to evoke body’s natural healing mechanism through various physiological systems, thus restoring their function back.Accumulated data and clinical trials have evidently suggested the possible effect of acupuncture on nervous system, endocrinal systems, immune system and other vital physiological processes.

What happens during treatment?

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Acupuncture advocates body’s natural immune build up and improves lost or weakened function of important organs. The concept of acupuncture works behind the theory of stimulating many specific anatomic sites on the body; especially known as acupuncture points.

These points are accelerated with the insertion of small, pointed, sterile needles into the skin. The stimulation can also be achieved with the help of heat, pressure, electrical stimulation along with massage and application of herbal medicine, etc.

Apparently, many people who have undergone the treatment have described it to be completely painless, except for slight tingling sensation. Since the treatment activates body’s natural defense mechanism; some of them have experienced numbness, itch or little sore thathas reportedly faded away after some time. Thus more and more people are opting for the treatment to cure variety of health conditions,includingpost-menopause discomforts.

In case of post menopause discomforts, many women undergoing treatment of acupuncture in combination with other prescribed medications have reported a significant reduction in hot flashes, emotional imbalances and improved sexual function after the treatment. The complete holistic approach has successfully helped many women to bring their body back to balance; ensuring restoration of optimum health.

Evidences for their effectiveness

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A data accumulated from series of different randomized and controlled trials have recommended acupuncture, in combination with diet and prescribed medicine to get adequatesymptomatic relief from post menopause suffering and discomforts. It has been highly appreciated due to its customized treatment agenda that can be offered uniquely to different individual.

Di Conchetti 1989,Wyon, have suggested that the treatment of acupuncture can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of post menopausal complications such as hot flushes, anxiety and depression.

The study of Grille et. al, have similarly reported effective suppression of the hormone in the blood as in case of hormonal replacement therapy.

Kupperman, Blatt, have evidently exhibited a significant decrease in the severity assessment scores after treatment.

However, to maximize the benefits and undergo methodical treatment pattern, you should definitely opt for a certified acupuncturist, who can formulate your treatment plan according to the need and demands of the condition; you are suffering from.

Conclusively, every woman has to go through an imminent, transitional stage of menopause and is always advisable to enjoy the stage with a happy heart along withthe healing power of acupuncture. The meta-analysis done so far, has confirmed that by pressurizing some of the known healing acupressure points, you can minimize the frequency of hot flashes, severity of menopause related symptoms;leading to improved quality of life.

Incorporation of few good habits in your daily routine in support of acupuncture such as healthy eating habits, daily consumption of calcium supplements and omega 3 fatty acids along with routine exercise practices for stress relief,can do wonders in symptomatic relief from post menopausal symptoms.

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