Cupping Therapy And Why Should You Give It A Go

Cupping therapy using specially designed cups applying suction method to treat specific ailments has gone viral world over with a very few users being acquainted with its rich heritage and the intriguing dynamics that work behind the procedure. 

History of cupping:

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and the historic Chinese medical literature dating back to 1500 BC attest to the universality of cupping therapy that was featured in ancient temple walls and monuments. There are concrete proofs that this healing technique was in vogue throughout the Middle East ages before it began to fascinate the western world.With the passage of time, the popularity of cupping therapy was on rise and currently, it has received a huge unanimous acceptance.

Working of cupping therapy:

It takes around 5 to 15 minutes to go through a cupping therapy session. The technique is applied with a small alteration depending upon the service provider. A small cup is heated under a flame to burn out the oxygen leaving a transient void. The cup is then pressed onto both sides of the spinal cord. The vacuum creates a suction that drains the flow of blood to the skin surface.

The suction induces better blood circulation and has an impact on the tissues as deep as four inches beneath the skin.It works deep and sucks toxins and mucus bringing them up to the dermal level. It then frees up the airways and the toxins get out of your body through skin pores. It acts as a catalyst activating the hormonal reactions which deliver a load of benefits to the body.

Cupping Therapy – Its benefits:

-Treats chronic pain and cramps around the abdomen triggered by menstrual disorders.
-It helps treat arthritis and brings in mobility in the areas that has gone stiff.

-Mitigates swelling.
-It also treats respiratory disorders like asthma, cold, bronchitis and other types of chest infections.
-Induces physical and mental calmness.
Its powerful potential to reduce stress makes it a potent procedure to cure:
– Insomnia.
– Anxiety and
– Depression

Methods of cupping:

There are a range of methods of cupping among which the most popular methods are:
A) Fixed cupping  – The cups are set on a pre selected area of the body and left to work without moving them.
B) Moving cupping – Here, at the start, a cream or massage oil is applied to the area of the body selected for cupping. The cups are then placed over the area and slid around normally in your back region around spine. Since your skin is already lubricated by oil/cream massage the cups slide smoothly over the selected area.

Reasons why cupping therapy went viral:

  1. Celebrity cupping enthusiasts are mounting in number:

Currently, Hollywood celebrities are falling head over heels for cupping treatment. Starting from Brad Pitt, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga to Victoria Beckham and a lot more other stars in the glamorous Hollywood sky are in all praise for cupping therapy.

  1. Athletes using cupping treatment as a well guarded weapon:

It enhances an athlete’s physical performance level. It relieves stiffness and back injury which is a typical barrier to an athlete’s efficiency level allowing him /her to achieve full potential.

  1. Multifarious benefits:

– Eliminates toxins.
– Stimulates the flow of blood.
– It treats flu, cold, cough, back and muscle pain.
– It treats allergies and skin disorders.

  1. A great pain reliever:

Cupping therapy is known to relieve pain, and even unbearable pain caused by cancer can be mitigated to a much reduced intensity by cupping technique. Focus is given to soft tissues, and by application of pressure on pain points, it helps trigger the blood flow for transportation of oxygen and nutrients to tissue masses thereby relieving pain.

  1. Boosts immunity:

immune defense

It fortifies the immune system and drives the blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body thereby curing cough and cold.

  1. Induces relaxation:

Cups help lift pressure in region where the muscles are stiff and tense. This provides a relaxing feeling.

  1. Mitigates digestive disorders:

It reduces irritable bowel syndrome, stomach acheand acute gastritis, loss of appetite, diarrhea, water retention and gastrointestinal diseases.

  1. Slows down the aging process:

It helps remove wrinkles which make you look older than you actually are. It also improves blood circulation and helps in triggering collagen synthesis which helps retain your youth. 

Therapy with cups applying suction method is a unique natural mode of treatment providing relief from a number of ailments.

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