Making your presence felt at your office or workplace is of great importance as it directly links to your confidence and success. To achieve your desired position, it is important that you are popular amongst your colleagues and even the boss, so that they may consider you for any new project. Here are five important tips to get you recognized at office.


Be a good listener:

According to Tory Johnson, a carrier expert, it is as essential to be a good listener as equally as it is important to be good speaker. If you want others to hear what you say, you need to show them respect by hearing them patiently, even if you already know about what is being said. You should always be ready to listen to others and express to them that they are being heard.


Be a problem solver:

Try to listen to what your seniors are saying and if they have any problem, think on it carefully and try to come out with a solution. And most importantly do not hesitate to offer your solution to the situations. This might work wonders and you may become the new problem solver of the office.


Offer more than what is expected from you:

With every new project and deadline comes your day to perform at your best and prove yourself. Although all employees do the same but the ones who are recognized have an optimistic outlook towards their work and are ready to devote extra time and efforts to complete the task and that too in the best way possible. Once you begin to fulfill more than what is expected, you are right on the path to achieve success.


Be enthusiastic and excited:

It is very important to connect emotionally with people at your workplace. This without doubt does not mean interfering or taking interest in their personal life; however, you are expected not be a spoiled sport and take active part in your team’s success after completing any task. You should be helpful as well as concerned about your teammates and colleagues.


Live with lovers in mind:

You are likely to have enemies at your workplace and you should know how to deal with them. While doing your job, you should not think about them and do what you think is correct.


These tips will help you perform better and get noticed at your office as a brilliant employee who has all the positivity to perform any kind of task.