Insight is an important component of your faculty. It is basically an ability to comprehend an explicit ground and the consequences born out of it within the framework of a specific perspective. The term insight has several connected connotations which may have something to do with a fragment of information. It may be an outcome of in-depth reflection and an ability of sharp surveillance and discerning an in depth vision of various elements having a bearing on our lives. It is a thorough perception of every aspects of life, a penetration through several layers before you finally reach the essence.

 man thinking

Insight is an in-depth clue to consequence and the underlying factors responsible and the observations are based upon recognition of connections and behaviors within a given form or a background or within a specific state of affairs. If you improve your insight, you have an easier access to a problem and your understanding would be quick as well and hopefully a solution coming pronto. Insight plays a crucial role in your thought process and more you sharpen this quality more you stand to gain in life by understanding yourself in depth and also others with whom you interact.


Being pragmatic is equally important as the fact that emotion often makes your vision blur, which needs to be set right in focus by reasoning supported by hard and practical reality. Pragmatism makes you less romantic and more of a down to earth person whose philosophy in life would be set on a realistic platform where old beliefs and biased opinions have no place. You need to face up to the changes and the latest updations to synchronize your rhythm of life matching with the perpetually ever revolving cog of time. You need to realize that times have changed and it is the time to accommodate new sets of beliefs and dogmas as your age old customs have turned moribund. They no longer work in the present scenario. If you fail to realize the evolution and accept the new ways that have pervaded your life, you are going to become extinct! So long you stay in touch with reality you survive and the moment you lose contact with the hard practical world you perish!

target goals

While talking of being pragmatic we may go further up and take a step forward and explore the realm of setting targets and benchmarks for making achievements in life having our desires fulfilled. Making castles in the air will not however help you. You need to explore your potential before setting targets. Driving towards wishful objectives and heading towards lofty ambitions beyond your capability would land you nowhere. Instead it would breed frustration and underestimation of one’s capacity.

However, setting a target could be quite tricky and it might be that you are completely unaware of your latent talents. Do not start doubting your potential before even embarking upon a project. Who knows we may come out victorious with flying colors!

time management

In the light of pragmatism, your targets should be feasible and practicable that can be met within a set time frame and with the available resources in hand. The approach should be unbiased and must not be polarized by any preconceived notion affecting your likes and dislikes. Widen your periphery of perception. Do not get too much focused on unimportant minor detail. Your insight and pragmatic approach will help to get a bird’s eye view of the project you are working on. Assess your available resources making their optimum and judicious use. Work very hard on it with honesty, integrity, foresight and a workable strategy and you are certainly going to strike upon a win-win situation!