Dr Prem Jagyasi, a globally recognized speaker and authoritative figure in Medical Tourism segment, is doing great in sharing his experience with his followers on several online and offline platforms. Just recently, the Symbiosis Centre of Health Care made his well-researched and facts-based findings a part of its curriculum for students enrolled in Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Tourism. The PGDMT course now has two modules authored by Dr Prem, each of which intends to help students have better grasp over the concept of Medical Tourism and its various facets.

Course Modules for Symbiosis

Medical Tourism is attracting the fancies of students who want to carve a niche for themselves in this particular field of specialization. Symbiosis Centre of Health Care is living up to their expectations by offering them a specially designed course to them. The course modules authored by Dr Prem specifically deal with two particular areas of Medical Tourism, namely Medical Tourism Marketing and Tour Operations Management.

Both the modules are written in a highly intelligible way so as to ensure that students get to know about the essential tenets of Medical Tourism sans any trouble as such. The first module i.e. Medical Tourism Marketing, provides a detailed narrative of Medical Tourism Products, Social Media Marketing & Medical Tourism, and International Patient Service Departments & Protocols. Tour Operations Management, on the other hand, provides a brief overview of Tour Operation Management, Travel Agency Management, Tour Package and Travel Regulations.

The modules further delve in detail into past and recent trends in Medical Tourism. Aside from this particular course curriculum for Symbiosis Centre of Health Care’s distance PGDMT course, Dr Prem Jagyasi has authored Medical Tourism Guidebook, Wellness Tourism Guidebook and several other self-help guidebooks.