For quite some decades now, Dr Prem Jagyasi, the renowned Medical and Wellness Tourism expert, has been doing amazingly great in letting the world know of the concept, challenges, and potential of these comparatively new forms of tourism. Thus far, he has travelled to 45 plus countries to attend several seminars and conferences, apart from conducting highly focused workshops to elucidate various tenets of wellness tourism.

Dr. Prem with Mr. Kabir Bedi

Just recently, Franchise India – the Asia’s largest integrated franchise solution company since 1999 – recognized Dr Prem’s contribution to Global Wellness Tourism Industry by presenting him a special award at Indian Salon & Wellness Congress 2016.

The award given to Dr Prem further celebrates the success of his book on wellness tourism, titled Dr Prem’s Guide – Wellness Tourism. As Dr Prem received the coveted award, he was lauded by a large gathering of scholars and other eminent personalities of various fields. The great movie actor, director and Oscar voting member, Mr. Kabir Bedi and Kavea R Chavali announced the award , which makes it even more special.

addressing the conference

While addressing the conference at Pullman Hotels & Resorts, New Delhi, Dr Prem said that wellness tourism has huge scope for expansion in India and other countries of Indian subcontinent. Wellness tourism, according to him, is in it nascent stage right now, which is bound to go further from here for sure. He also shed a brief insight into his newly published book on Wellness Tourism while saying that the peculiar niche domain is craving for more exposure so that more and more of tourism-minded folks could benefit from its advantages.

Undeniably, the award presented by Franchise India is yet another feather in his cap, which goes on to prove that hard work and focused efforts to bring about meaningful changes in the lives of others pay eventually.