Our perception about time plays a significant role in our life. To express time efficiently through speech and actions we have invented three different tenses, present, past and future tense. Our life can be divided into six different time zones. These six different time zones include two past time zones, two present time zones and two future time zones. The people who live in the past cannot focus on their present or plan their future. They are too busy recalling the past events.


We all more or less indulge in recalling our past memories but some people live entirely in their past. Half of them recall the good old days when they were happy. They like watching family videos or turning the leaves of family albums all day long. The other half of people who live in the past only think about the negative points of their past. They become depressed and retire into a shell. They are unable to leave the past behind and care for their future.

People who live in the present are either too hedonistic or they are engulfed by the belief that there is nothing that they can do about the future. The hedonistic groups of people are concerned only about their own pleasure at the moment. They are not concerned with the future consequences of their present actions. These people may commit criminal offences for momentary pleasure. They indulge in sex, smoking and drinking randomly without any worry or concern about their health. The people who believe that future cannot be controlled and they are mere victims of circumstances, political parties, religion or destiny are also trapped in the present. They are also not able to attain any goals in life because they do not have any. They may daydream idly but do nothing to turn these dreams into reality.

The most productive and realistic people are those who live in the future time zone. These people have goals and they know how to plan. They believe in saving money and investing in so that it can be of use in the future. A big percentage of the present generations of kids are hedonistic and they live only in the present moment.

The easy availability of tech gadgets, 3D games and social media sites has digitally rewired their minds. They are unable to learn in the traditional classrooms where they lack control and the teaching procedure is dull. Despite of learning about the future consequences of unprotected sex and drugs they indulge in these things. A good and clear perception about the time zones can help us judge our problems and that of others in a better way.



Our life can be divided into six different time zones. A clear understanding about these time zones will help us live more rationally and focus on our goals.