An old proverb says necessity is the mother of invention. Without the urgent need for a solution to an impending problem, good ideas cannot originate. Most brilliant ideas have given birth to the solution of major problems and made our lives easier. Brilliant ideas do not originate whenever we want or need them. There is no fixed time during which brilliant ideas are born. They can occur to you unnoticed at first in the form of a mere hunch. The hunch may remain inside your mind for several years before it develops into a brilliant idea. An idea has to be acted upon or worked upon so that it can turn into an equally brilliant invention. The origin of good ideas has always been a favorite topic of research for the scientists. They have tried different methods to find out how and when good ideas are born. They have also traced the course of ideas from their origination till their implementation.


The slow hunch is one of the ways through which great ideas emerge. In this process, first the inventor gets a hunch and starts working on it. This hunch may or may not develop into a proper idea and give birth to a great invention. Sometimes it takes years before a hunch develops any further. Some hunches die a premature death and amount to nothing. Scientists think that one hunch may develop into a great idea by mingling with other hunches that the inventor gets over the years. Many a time scientists and brilliant inventors have started working on one thing and then their initial ideas have merged to create something unique. One project can lead to another and help you build something special.

Communication and interactions can also lead to the emergence of brilliant ideas. Sometimes people need extra inspiration for getting new and fresh ideas. Meeting new people and roaming around the world can help. Working in a different environment can also help. People who get new ideas all the time are not afraid of new experiences. They challenge themselves and attempt new things to test their abilities. When our mental faculties are tested they become more active and we start looking connection between available resources. Our desire to make use of available resources can lead to brilliant ideas. Some scientists think that the reason behind so many inventions and ideas has always been the desire to connect more with other people. The internet and instant messaging services have made it easier for like-minded people to meet and connect. The more people talk and exchange ideas the better for our world.


Ideas do not originate at a fixed time. It may originate spontaneously or over a period of time. Sometimes two or more hunches mingle together to give birth to a new idea.