Social media has become an integral part of marketing strategy of every company and retweets, likes and shares are what make the posts popular. However, what is important is getting traffic directed to your website from those social media posts and conversations. Your followers want to show that they like your posts and share them with their friends but anyone hardly cares to fully read them, let alone clicking on the links to visit your website.

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Tips to Improve CTR

In the next few sections, we will look at some tips, which can help improve CTR or click through rates on the posts you share on social media platforms.

Share Good Content:

First thing is that you will have to develop very good content and then share it only with a specific audience group, which might be interested in that topic. After a while, your reputation will develop as a source of good informative content and people will start clicking on the links to visit your site and read more.

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Concise and Interesting:

Think about the type of content that users will be able to relate with easily. Use proper captions to make the content more readable and interesting for your followers so that they are enticed to click on the links.

Recycle Posts:

On social media your posts are visible to followers for a very short span of time thus you will have to share the same content over and over again over a period of few weeks using different text and monitor which text results in higher CTR.

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Learn from Stats:

It will be interesting for you to know that if you add the word “click” for your Call to Action buttons, it actually deliver clicks. Similarly, by addition of “retweet,” you can expect increase in shares by as much as 50%. Thus, it will be useful if you can include such phrases in your text as well and see if it helps to improve your CTR.

Need a Headline:

You only have a second or even less to get attention to any user and thus you will need a good headline that catches the eye. It will be worthwhile to spend as much time on making a good headline as spent on making the article itself.

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Using Graphics:

Use of text alone cannot draw people’s attention; you will require good graphics to go with your text. Images can easily grab attention as compared to text and can be useful to compel them to click.


Social media holds a lot of prospect but businesses need to understand how to use it to its fullest potential and reap the benefits.