The idea behind opting for an online marketing by various businesses is the improvement and increase in conversion rates. Every business aims to attract loads of traffic. There are many ways through which targeted traffic can be attracted; some are highly effective while others are not so effective. Therefore, selecting an ideal way is of paramount importance for any business who wants to reach the pinnacle of financial success. One such ultimate way for businesses to reach their goal of highest conversion rates is the use of Alexa Ranking system.


This is a ranking system developed by the website It audits the frequency of visits on various websites and publicizes them. Alexa Ranking system employs extremely easy way to calculate traffic rankings. Users who get the Alexa toolbar installed can record the amount of traffic on websites. The calculation is based on those recordings.

Parameters such as reach and page views determine the traffic. The reach parameter entails the number of Alexa users who visit a particular website in a day, and the page view refers to the number of times Alexa users view pages on a website. If a visitor visits a particular site numerous times in a day, counts all those visits as one. The ranking process starts with the calculation of all the reach and page view numbers for all the sites on the web on daily basis. Then the final Alexa ranking could be obtained by a simple formula – geometric mean of reach and page views, averaged over a predefined period of time (usually three months).

How to get started?

To start using Alexa Ranking system, first of all you need to visit the website – and download the Alexa toolbar from there and install it on your system.

The toolbar mainly displays rank of the visited sites and of those sites, which are in some way related to the site being visited. Another very important task that the Alexa toolbar performs is to send data to the central server. Therefore, every time you land up on a Web page via any Web browser that has the toolbar installed, the information will be sent to the server entailing your IP and of the page that you are visiting. Similarly, same data is amassed from all the users who have Alexa toolbar installed. The smaller the numerical ranking, the better are your chances. If you come in the top 100,000 according to the Alexa Ranking, it is pretty sure that your site gets heavy traffic.


Pros and Cons of using Alexa Ranking


  • Alexa Ranking is a fabulous tool that efficiently measures website popularity on the internet.
  • The visitors who visit a website through Alexa toolbar determine the Alexa Ranking of the site.
  • The lower the rank of the website, the better it ranks in Alexa, which is in contrast to Google’s PageRank where higher PR ranking means higher popularity of a website.
  • Alexa ranking tool is easy to use and understand. You simply need to enter your competitor’s site in the “Compare Sites” section and compare your web marketing efforts with your clients.
  • Alexa toolbar is extremely useful for advertisers and webmasters, as it enables them to find out the marketing potential of websites. If an advertiser has a better site rank in Alexa, there are very high chances that they will get huge number of clients willing to buy advertising space on their website.
  • Alexa’s ranking procedure for blogs and personal pages is similar to the ranking procedure which it follows to rank websites.
  • From the perspective of search engine optimization, Alexa provides very useful data that exerts a positive influence over advertising. Hence, Alexa Ranking system is of considerable help for those who are on a lookout for an effective advertising campaign.
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  • Alexa calculates data for the top level domain with high precision but it does not rank properly the subpages and sub domains.
  • While ranking a website, Alexa only takes into consideration the visitor traffic and ignores certain SEO factors like tags and backlinks.

How can you improve your Alexa ranking?

By following some simple rules, you can actually take your Alexa Ranking to great heights. Download and install the Alexa toolbar, place the Alexa widget on your website as it will make the visitors check it out and the more clicks are good for you.


We can conclude that Alexa Ranking has both pros and cons; however, the pros outnumber the cons. The bottom-line remains that Alexa Ranking is an excellent system that helps the clients to attract enormous traffic to their sites, and quantify the visitors. It is highly useful for the sites with very good traffic, as the ranking system concentrates more on the traffic received by websites and less on their links.