Ever since Joel Kurtzman first coined the term “thought leadership,” it has been used to refer different meanings. While some think thought leaders to be a specialized businessperson in a particular field with innovative ideas and talent of bringing them into reality, others believe it to be the process of building a relationship with customers by offering them valuable services that make you stand out, different from what others do. This just does not mean only to sell your product but to sell it the beast way.

Portrait of business people discussing a new strategy

The market and the marketing strategies have undergone tremendous changes and thus there is a cutthroat competition between the various organizations in order to prove that they much capable. Here is where we require thought leaders – to attract the potential clients with the help of the best business planning and services.

The development of thought leadership goes to the credit of the famous consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, when it began publishing the McKinsey Quarterly in the 1960s. The journal aimed at describing the firm’s achievements and proved to be a very good display of the firm’s potentials. Thus, the journal was indeed a very good marketing strategy, which led to the further development and increased business of the firm.


With the development of the firm there came along challenges and competition from other organizations to cope with which the firm launched a book by the name “In Search Of Excellence” and it was here where authorized business professionals came into being and this led to the development of business self help master plans.

Even today a business book holds great importance in terms of powerful marketing and you can find latest editions of all the famous books in the leading book stalls that describe the latest and the most modern business plans and conducts if an organization. Today’s modern business marketing strategy includes the use of eBooks and digital versions which are designed to reach as many people as possible to make them aware of the products and their benefits along with the company’s progress report.


With the rapid growth of the digital mobile technology, the thought process and the market strategies have undergone a great change and accepted by a number of professionals in leading companies. Latest information is being generated each single day and marketers are vying to provide the information to their clients and customers, thanks to the mobile world.

So what do you think is going to be the future of thought leadership? Well here is something really eye opening. Business is increasing and so is increasing the demands of thought leaders. Hence, professionals and business organizations are likely to take an active participation to secure their place as a thought leader.

There is going to be a clear demarcation between the professionals and firms who belong to the though leader category and others who do not. The standard is going to be extremely high and hence the companies attempting are left only with two options – either to do the best, or simply not to do it.


Thought leadership is crucial to the success of any business and it is going to be the most dominant of all the business strategies in the very near future.