Social media sites are becoming an integral part of our lives and almost every business nowadays has its presence on social networking platforms. It is just not enough to have a website. If you want to interact with your customers, you can do it best through social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Let us now see how businesses can utilize this medium to increase as well as retain their customer base.


Uses of Social Networking 


Building a Brand:

Social media sites have a major role to play in development of your company into a brand. If you can increase your follower base on social networking sites then it can help build your company’s name as a brand. 


Feedback from Customers:

If you need quick reviews about your products or feedback about something customers purchased on your site, then social networking sites are the best place for that.

This way your other followers also get to see the positive feedback from customers and it thereby helps to establish your position even more. 


Lead Generation:

Going social is a good option if you want to generate leads for your business. You can find potential customers for your products and services and easily connect with them using these social networking platforms, highlight your best offers to them and help them make a purchase. 


Reputation Management:

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are great tools for reputation management. You can reply to negative feedbacks about your products and reply to questions customers have, helping significantly in managing online reputation of organizations.

As for example, someone in the traveling business such as a cab operator or driver can benefit a lot by sharing his or her videos uploaded on video sites such as YouTube.


Tracking Social Accounts

As your presence in social networks grows, you will have to spend more time analyzing behavior of your followers while they are on your FB page or browsing through your posts on Twitter.

The metrics retrieved from these sites using various tools, some third party and few provided by social sites themselves such as Facebook Insights available on Facebook.

By using these tools, you can find out how your fan base is growing, the demographics of people visiting your page and their interactions while they are browsing your profile. By properly analyzing this data, you can further refine your social media campaigns.


Social media is quite importance nowadays if you want to build your online presence. It can help businesses develop as a brand and interact with their customers in a better way.