All over the world, especially amongst the youth, there is a big hue and cry related to their work culture these days. They believe it is better to work smarter and save your time rather than working harder that demands much of your patience, perseverance and of course time.

short cut to Success

Every one of us has heard about a famous proverb that says, “There is no short cut to Success.”

Very recently, Mike Rowe the host of “Dirty Jobs,” a famous Discovery Channel series, described how the two working processes that is working intelligently and working harder have been greatly mistaken in America.

It is generally believed that success begins from where we start working hard and then proceed to smarter working by saving more of our time. However, this is not true since hard work is not just necessary at the initial stage of your work but is mandatory at all the stages, since it helps you to collect all the necessary information. Only then, you can utilize your knowledge to work better that is work smartly and be more productive. You earn experience only through hard work and only experience can take you to the point where you can work smartly. And “working the smart way” is equally important, since it will help you achieve your objectives in the desired time.

The gulf of working hard v/s working smart leads you to the belief that you can work either of the one way possible, which is completely wrong since working hard gives good results, working smart gives you better self-administration. However, working both hardandsmart takes you the heights where you are with the highest results and top productivity.

hard work

For countries like the United States of America, the “hard work” culture dates back centuries ago, when man first settled in the continent, built an unsophisticated society and after hundreds of years of the people’s hard work now rules dominates the entire world. This great transition in the country’s culture was a result of the extreme hard work of the early people and as America leads the world in almost all the fields, the philosophy of work has been observed to shift more towards the working smarter side.

This also has certain benefits especially for the younger generation who has learnt to make effective use of the gadgets, save time and become excellent at multitasking. However, technology alone is not sufficient to bring out the best in you. Of course, clever working saves time for us but it is useless if we fail to use it in something useful or productive. Having a view over the life story of the most successful people in the world will let you know that they worked not only clever but also to the best of their capabilities that is they worked hard to prove themselves.


Smart work cannot replace hard work and vice versa and both the working styles go hand in hand to produce the most spectacular results.