As an employer or a team leader, it is very essential that you have enthusiastic people committed to provide their best for the work they are doing. Only such employees can best utilize their skill and potential to the betterment of their organization. Here are five tips that would help you to motivate your employees, so that they give in their best at work.

team leader providing the knowledge and guidance

  • Be passionate to provide your team the best of your knowledge and guidance. It is very important to treat your employees with respect and greatness, because the customer satisfaction of a company directly depends on its employee satisfaction. Great team leaders like Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin and others have one thing in common, the madness to serve their team so that they know how to best enhance their customer service.
  • Motivational leaders present a bold, specific and consistent future to their team. A strong vision is very essential to take your business to heights. Modern day employees are no longer money craving, they want something extra and meaningful and that is recognition for the work they do. It is always good to know how your efforts matter in the success of your organization.
  • A perfect leader always welcomes honest feedbacks with a positive spirit. The transformation of the famous Griffin Hospital in Derby Connecticut, from an organization in danger to one of the famous medical institutes, is inspiring enough to let us know the importance of honest feedbacks in any organization. According to Patrick Charmel, the CEO of Griffin, he used to welcome true confessions of the employees about their hospital and tried to fulfill their demands and requisites. This is how the image of the hospital is that of a transparent and open one, which gives its employees the full independence and authority.

Happy business team with arms crossed at the office

  • To inspire your employees you need to be a ray of good hope to your employees. For this, you need to have a positive attitude and confidence in your team’s future. You need to have the ability to see things differently and to face challenges bravely. It has been generally observed that the people with an optimistic outlook often come out to be better and powerful leaders. In the words of Robert Noyce, the co-founder of Intel, optimism is necessary in order to be innovative.
  • To be inspiring, you need to have the ability to appreciate people for their achievements. Most importantly let the employees be their own self.


In order to make your organization successful, you need to be steamy and dedicated. Only then, you can inspire others to be like you.