Body language of a person is one of the greatest ways for him to be successful and admired by all. Your body language is extremely important at your work place since it helps you to be better productive, motivated and inspirational. It also helps you to be more interactive with your colleagues and to impress them. Here are five of the greatest body language mistakes than can risk your promotion.


Crossed arms:

Hardly anyone of you will know that the common habit of folding hands is actually a gesture of defense and self-protection, which might seem to be sarcasm and distrust for your boss. Well we are sure you do not want to make your boss and for this, you must prefer standing with your hands by your side a little outward from the body. This position displays your frank nature and your confidence level.

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Seeming Disinterested:

While at work, it is very important that people feel they are being noticed and heard. Any movement of yours that might appear that you are uninterested in their talk might be very insulting. Therefore, it is very important that you do not align your body toward the door since it shows your lack of interest in them. When we are friendly to someone, we align our bodies towards theirs and try to copy their gestures. Doing this would represent unanimity and understanding.


Eye contact:

Your way to look at people defines your emotional intelligence, your respect towards them and your interest about what others are saying or doing. If you want to have a healthy eye contact with the other person, you should try grabbing his gaze for the maximum number of times you are looking at him. A test for judging your eye contact is by asking yourself whether you remember the eye color of the other person.



A smile is the best way to win the hearts of people and to gain their love and support. A smile on your face will help you survive even the most difficult situations of your life so try to have a smile on your face both while starting and ending any conversation.



Touch is the most important of all the senses which conveys your understanding and likeness towards people and this important in business too. The grip of your hand should neither be too tight nor too lose while your thumb should match to that of the other person.


Understanding the importance of proper gestures is very important in today’s world and a proper body language is of course your key to climb the ladder of success.