No matter whether you already have a job and doing good in your professional career or just starting out, there are some mistakes you might be committing unwittingly. Such small and honest mistakes are what keep professionals from achieving the heights of success in their life.

Over the years, even if you do not recognize these mistakes they will take a huge toll on your self esteem. Here, in the following some such mistakes have been pointed out so that you can get rid of them and make amends.

Irrelevant job information and controversial ideologies

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The employers get to learn about you from your resume but they need not learn unnecessary details. For example your religious beliefs, political ideologies have no place in your resume. Stick to the points and highlight your abilities that are essential for the job designation.

Do not mention job experiences which are not in the same field. Irrelevant job experiences create a bad impression on HR executives who are responsible for hiring people with specific skills and talents.

Huge promises with meager output

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A job entails several responsibilities. When you accept a job you make a promise to fulfill these responsibilities properly. However, if you do not have the appropriate skills for handling the job then sooner or later people will find that out.

It is also a mistake to commit to deadlines and not meeting them for some reason or other. Always be clear about your abilities and finish tasks without any sort of procrastination. This will help you earn the trust of employers.

Excuses are mistakes in disguise

 Business - The Blame Game

Irrespective of what your job environment is like, you should always give your best efforts in finishing tasks on time. Some people go into the listless mode and blame their superiors and colleagues for delays. If you do not have resources to complete a job then ask questions and move the rocks. Ultimately it should be your goal to get things done. This type of positive approach will surely earn you the respect of your contemporaries.

Not being prepared for meetings


There are meetings held at every office. If you are one of the employees who have been asked to attend a meeting that means your opinion is needed. Not being prepared to ask questions or offer solutions is a bad mistake for employees.

Preparing for meetings, taking notes and offering suggestions can bring you to the limelight and shows your enthusiasm. If you are going to give a presentation at a meeting make sure to list down questions that employers and colleagues may hurl at you.

Not being a learner

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With Google for your aid, there is no limit to learning. You do not need to ask general questions because you can find most of the answers in Google. It always helps to do your own research regarding clients, topics, trends and techniques on your own so that you can ask relevant questions and offer better solutions.

Before client meet you can always find the client’s profiles in social media platforms to get an idea about their nature, lifestyle and tastes. Also do a thorough research on their business. This will enable you to crack deals more easily. Keep tab on new trends and technology for staying one step ahead.

Never lose your self respect

 self respect

It is fine to be known as amicable but do not be too lenient, slack or crack too many jokes at the workplace. Gossiping and being humorous all the time will ruin your image in the eyes of your colleagues. It will not help your career to be known as the office clown. So, behave and act matured.

We unknowingly make some mistakes in our professional life that costs us dearly. Making excuses, procrastinating, not meeting deadlines and not protecting one’s self respect are just few of them.