People trust those whom they know well and that’s the reason why networking is such a powerful tool for carving a successful career. The resourcefulness of a professional depends on his or her networking abilities.

This skill not just helps in landing jobs, but also enables professionals to get things done quicker. Professional networking often translates into getting new business from your contacts. Here are some of the most effective networking tips to help you achieve your professional goals.

Learn to make professional contacts

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Networking is an acquired talent. You may not be naturally good at it but with a little bit of patience and practice you too can do it well. One of the key rules of professional networking is returning the favor. If you want someone to help you out in the future then start by extending the hand of generosity and friendliness. May it be getting a signed copy of a book by their favorite author or buying them a drink.

People are generally grateful and will not mind being nice to you when you ask them to return a favor. It is essential to keep in touch with your contacts, congratulate them personally on their achievements and wish them on their special days.

What not to do while networking?

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If you are trying to build a professional network then never forget to carry your business card, resume and brochures with you. If you get introduced in someone who is interested in hiring you then you can easily pass the copy of your resume to them. Do not be afraid to ask help from others while looking for job. Forgetting to thank people who have helped you succeed is extremely rude. Always send thank you notes to them with flowers or a token of regard.

Networking should be a part of your routine

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If you network and reach out to people just when there is a need, everyone will consider you to be a gold digger and stop helping you. You cannot ask for a favor right away. It is much smarter to build rapport with people whom you may need in the course of your professional career. If you are an entrepreneur then you have to be even better at networking with prospective clients. Build a thriving network with people from different fields so that you can make most of your contacts for getting out of a jam or accomplishing a target.

Be known as the resourceful one

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If you can introduce people with others who share their interests or work in the same field, chances are high that you will be looked at as a resourceful person. Host parties and ensure that like minded people get to spend some time together. When people believe that you know interesting individuals they would like to be linked with you more.

Don’t take refusals to heart

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Not all people who become your acquaintance will be ready to help you out. Your messages may not get replies or your calls may go unanswered, but that should not stop you from networking. Do not use a mental sieve to decide with whom you should connect and with whom you should not. Some people in your network may not be from your field but they can introduce to others who are. Try to be as nice as possible to people in your network.

Being knowledgeable helps


Networking depends on your communication skills. If you are someone who can retell anecdotes with great dynamism, make people laugh or discuss various topics ceaselessly then it will be easier for you to converse with others. Read more and cultivate your hobbies as this will enhance your knowledge base and make you a more interesting person.

Networking is vital for the growth of your career. It can help you in landing a higher paying job and get new clients. Networking is not a task but a habit that professionals have to nurture regularly.