Food is not just our necessity but it is also our weakness. The food industry tycoons are well aware of it and use our weakness against us. We often hear that packaged and processed foods are not good for health but when a company claims to sell low calorie cookies or fat free, baked potato chips, you can hardly stop yourself from buying those goodies. The new marketing technique used by the giants of food industry is to make you believe that whatever they are selling is both tasty and healthy. More than often such claims are baseless. You must be able to discern between their marketing tactics and the truth. In this article you will find out some of the surprising truths about the marketing ploys of the food industry.


The nutrition labels may not be accurate:

You probably always read the nutrition label of a new packaged food product before buying it. The sad truth is that the food labels are not always completely accurate. The Food and Drug Administration demands that the food producing companies use nutritional labels on their packaged foods but they do not check the actual amount of calories, proteins, fat or carbohydrates in them. As a result you have to rely on the food companies to sell you exactly what they proclaim to sell.


Incorrect serving size information:       

Most pre-packaged food products have a serving size printed along with the nutritional labels. Some companies take advantage of this system. They claim that a packet or container of food serves four when it is sufficient for only one person.


Misleading ‘Fat Free’ or ‘Sugar free’ labels:

People who are calorie conscious and care for their fitness generally opt for the packaged foods and beverages which have got the ‘Fat Free’ or ‘Sugar Free’ labels. The truth is these types of products are not healthy but harmful for your body. Fat free products have chemicals like Olestra and sweetening substance in them to enhance the taste. Sugar free products contain artificial sweeteners and extra fat. The chemicals and artificial substances in these products can damage your health and make you fat.


Reckless use of the term ‘natural’:

The term natural should ideally be used only when a packaged food contains no synthetic substance or added color or added flavor. However, due to the absence of strict definition regarding added color, flavor and synthetic substance many food-producing companies use the term ‘natural’ on their most unhealthy packaged foods.


Consumers should understand the marketing techniques used by food industry to manipulate and mislead the common people. To remain fit and healthy, you must go for organic produces and avoid packaged food as much as possible.