Considering that everyone has some kind of online presence or the other these days, it won’t hurt if you decide to set up an online presence for your business as well. An online presence can in fact, be quite beneficial for your business, allowing it to reach a wider audience on a worldwide platform. While hiring a professional or marketing company to manage your online presence can be a costly proposition, you can do your own internet marketing and achieve the same results with less cost. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips on the way.


Create a Website

The first step to marketing your business online is to build a website. Choose a simple site with a few pages that would create a good first impression in order to fire up your online presence. If you intend on building the site yourself, learn some basic HTML and hard-coding languages first.

This would make your site look more attractive and less amateurish. Make sure the homepage is attractive enough to make customers want to browse through the site. Place some high quality pictures as well as animations on the homepage to build a strong online presence with the first impression.


Join Social Networks

Once your website is up and running, you would need to promote it extensively. And one of the easiest and cost effective ways to do that is by joining popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Create accounts on these networks, making sure the profiles you create speak about your business in a simple, clear manner.

Keep your profiles active by posting in them frequently. Insert backlinks in your posts so that readers can click them to visit your website. The more popular your profiles on these social media networks, the more visitors your website would get. However, not all of these visitors would turn out to be customers. So invest in a good quality statistical tool to monitor your site’s progress and return on investment regularly.


Manage your Content

A website’s success largely depends on the quality of the content one can find on it. By making sure your website has only unique, quality content, you can attract more visitors. In addition to this, you would need to refresh the content in your website regularly in order to keep readers interested enough to check back for updates.

As more and more readers start coming back to your website, search engines would also start listing you in their search engine listings. This would automatically improve your online presence and reputation.


Building and managing a strong online presence can be great for business. Although it’s a job best left to the professionals, you can follow the tips mentioned above to learn the tricks of the trade and do your own internet marketing in order to build your business.