Scheduled on the 26th and 27th October 2016 in London, UK, the Digital Marketing in Healthcare conference will provide a common platform to professionals from Mhealth, Ehealth, insurance, pharma, healthcare, nutrition, and physiology segments. Among other eminent speakers, Dr Prem Jagyasi, CEO & MD, Dr Prem & Associates, will address a huge gathering of industry leaders. Dr Prem has delivered several such keynotes thus far in several seminars, meetings, conferences, and training sessions in more than 45 countries.

digital healthcare

At the Digital Marketing Conference, Dr Prem will share his expertise, experience and facts-based wisdom with attendees. At the event, the core schema of programs will focus on discussing and devising strategic solutions to make digital healthcare an integral part of pharmaceutical industry.

Eminent speakers such as Karen Taylor, Mike Bellis, Charles Lowe, Manish Marotkar and Dr Prem Jagyasi coming from various parts of the world will shed ample light on how to utilize inter-operable marketing platforms to bring about a wholesome and definitely meaningful collaboration between medical devices, healthcare IT and pharma sectors. Thus, the pharma and healthcare marketing executives now stand their chance of becoming the harbingers of a system-wide digital health approach.


The key topics to be covered at Digital Marketing Conference will include identifying target markets for digital pharma expansion, big data integration, patient data protection, cyber security threats in healthcare marketing arena, implementing digital culture in pharma, customer-centered content, mastering the Mhealth concept, and of course, developing large-scale cost reduction strategies.

Thus, if you want to be a part of the conference or want to know more about it just hit this link for Digital Marketing Conference in London.