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A strong digital health strategy can help healthcare organizations go global

digital health strategy

Digital health strategies are basically hardware and software IT solutions designed to help clinics and healthcare organizations track, manage and analyze health and wellness information of patients.

The implementation of a strong and well-planned digital health strategy can help in reducing running costs, enhance medical service delivery and increase accessibility. Better and improved services will definitely give healthcare organizations a competitive edge over its competitors in a global market.

The problem is that most of the healthcare organizations do not realize the importance of implementing a dynamic and effective digital health strategy. Lack of awareness about the importance of digital health strategy is the reason why a major number of healthcare organizations are lagging behind in this regard.

Survey shows the true condition of digital health strategy implementation

Leading and highly reputed digital healthcare platform Validic has recently conducted a survey on healthcare organizations around the world. Those surveyed included hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, wellness companies and healthcare technology companies.

The results of this survey show that around 60% healthcare organizations do not have a proper digital health strategy in place. Only 41% of the surveyed organizations confirmed that there digital health strategy is running on scheduled pace. Astonishingly even in the age of Information Technology, 59% said that either do not have any digital health strategy or running behind schedule.

Digital health is no more just an advantage. It has transformed into a essential component for achieving success in a global market. The good thing is that more healthcare organizations are becoming aware of the relevance of digital health and chalking a way for suitable implementation.

How digital health strategy can make a difference?

In the age of IT, it is natural for people to use the internet for finding health and healthcare related information. Patients are evaluating medical tourism options, trying to find the best local clinics and diagnosing diseases through symptoms with the help of the internet. Around 91% US citizens have become used to turning towards the internet for health related information.

According to recent estimates, the digital health market spread all over the world will grow double in size by 2020. The estimated value of this market will be more than $200 billion in the next few years.

Digital health strategy is basically applying digital solutions like mobile and wireless systems for enhancing the quality of healthcare facilities like Jelvix which empowers healthcare providers with innovative solutions. In future, these healthcare providers help the growth of the mobile health market and spur the growth of associated spheres like sensors, devices and wireless network technologies.

Digital health strategies can also enable the healthcare providers to design smart plans and target smaller audience for serving them more efficiently. This way they will create niches and compete in the international healthcare market.

Ideas for launching successful digital health strategy

It is necessary to have a clear vision regarding the outcome of a good digital health strategy. The motto of digital health strategy is to offer better results and decrease expenditures. For making a digital health strategy successful, you must start by allocating sufficient resource across the different departments.

Cross-departmental resources play an important role in this matter. There has to be a core team that educates clinicians about the nitty-gritty of digital health strategy.

The IT team will have to provide timely support for making the strategy work smoothly. It is also necessary to figure out the suitable programs that will satisfy the patients and engage them in the treatment procedures.

Research is a part of devising an effective digital health strategy. You also have to estimate the budget and find out organizations with which you can form profitable partnerships. For executing the digital health strategy you need to draw up a timeline and start working on the key factors of the project.

Digital health strategy has become a vital necessity for competing on the global scale. The digitalization of our life style has made it essential that healthcare clinics and hospitals chalk clever digital health strategies for offering more convenient and impressive medical facilities.

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