The complex virtual world of social media and digital platforms has made it easier for many a business individual to market his/her products/services online. The advent of new devices and marketing plans are also helping these business owners reach a wider target audience and enjoy higher response rates. Hence, here are some of the latest digital marketing tools and trends one would need to look out for in 2014.


Online Blogging

Reports indicate that over 90% of companies that blog actively tend to gain more customers via their online content. Many companies use online social media networks to disseminate their content to both existing and new customers. Doing so would enable the company to build a strong, personalized bond with their consumers.

A company that develops quality online content would surely enjoy an edge over its competitors during marketing. Online content is also less expensive and has a better reach when compared to other forms of marketing. With email still being big in India, marketing content via email advertisements would surely be a hot trend in 2014.


Mobile Marketing

India happens to be the third largest consumer of smart phones in the world. Hence, mobile marketing would definitely give companies a better way to get in touch with their consumers. In addition to this, mobile marketing is more cost effective and offers a higher ROI on the marketing spend.

Companies can make their website platform independent and more scalable to open easily on mobile phones. While not everyone would have a smartphone, the use of GPS apps to market products/services can boost business prospects.


Image Centric Social Media Sites

Content exploration would move beyond Twitter and Facebook to explore newer sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google + in 2014. Video services like Instagram Video and Vine are also becoming increasingly popular along with YouTube.

As such, using these platforms to promote image centric content would definitely boost business for any company and help the latter acquire more customers in the process. Increasing mobile bandwidth would also facilitate the mobile marketing of these ads which in turn would add to the ROI of these marketing spends.



One of the easiest and most effective ways to search for topic related contents is by using hashtags. As such, hashtag related digital marketing is set to become a hot trend in 2014. With more people using hashtags to search for content as well as the people who posted them on social media platforms like Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube and Instagram etc., companies can take initiatives to create online content with hashtags to make the more visible and reachable to users.

This would automatically improve response and the ROI of the marketing spend.


Digital marketing is growing like never before. With newer tools and devices being launched every day to facilitate the same, companies are becoming more focused on choosing the hottest trends to promote their business online. These trends mentioned above are all set to take over the digital marketing world by storm in 2014 and should definitely be included in every company’s marketing campaign for the ensuing years.