A leader should be mature enough to accept responsibility in case things go wrong. In addition to it, failure is a learning experience, which helps us to improve further. We will now look at the recent incidence of Gurbaksh Chahal to understand how entrepreneurs in general should not behave and it is a classic example of things entrepreneurs should not do if they want to succeed in their profession.

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Felony Indictment against Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal was working as CEO of advertising-tech firm called RadiumOne for the last five years before being ousted by company’s Board of Directors this April. He was indicted on felony charges for two counts of domestic violence in which he supposedly attacked his girlfriend that created social media outcry demanding his expulsion and the Board of Directors expelled him.

A Victim in the Incidence

What followed was even more interesting and Chahal being an entrepreneur behaved in a manner he should not. He tried to present himself as a victim in the incidence and at the same time lashed out at people whom he believed to be behind his expulsion. He continued to blame everyone else for this situation and doing so forgot about even the basic rules of crisis management.

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Chahal’s Negative Approach

Chahal went on to make an eighteen paragraph blog post describing all that happened on that night without any need for it since the felony charges were dropped after his girlfriend did not assist the prosecutors and bedroom surveillance camera tape was disregarded by the judges as an evidence. He also alleged that he was assaulted by police and spoke badly about the district attorneys handling the case.

Gurbaksh did not spare RadiumOne and its board of directors and deplored how they left him at the time he required their support and threatened them of legal consequences for removing him from the post. He accepted a plea deal but described as if company itself wanted to finalize the plea deal, not him.

Rant on Social Media Channels

He then went on to social media platforms such as Twitter and started targeting people who spread the story of his ill deeds on Twitter. It is clear that Chahal did not take the right steps, dragged himself into trouble and allowed a manageable crisis to become a serious one.

Thus, we can see that Chahal did not manage the problem in a mature fashion and behaved as an inexperienced entrepreneur. If he had controlled his ego and worked thoughtfully, then he may not have lost his job and saved his reputation.