With Independence Day being just round the corner, most of us would have already thought of revealing the patriotic side of our persona in the best ways possible. But do we really care about the sense of patriotism that engulfs us all after the celebrations are over? Well, with their intent to enquire the pompous display of phony patriotism and accordingly, inspire each and every Indian to celebrate each day as our Independence Day, folks at Muse Movies are set to launch the digital release of their movie – Flag Off, on 14th August.

What Flag Off’s director and protagonist have to say about the movie?

The digital trailer of the movie is already making waves of social media for all the right reasons.

Written and directed by Manoj Maurya, the short film is a powerful communiqué for all Indians who somehow tend to forget the importance of the Indian Tricolor and, toss it around sans a second thought. Manoj Maurya says,

Flag off is a short film about the madness of a young poor man as he goes about picking up the flags lying all across the places just after the celebrations of Independence Day are over. The film dwindles through his pain and joy as he picks up the dilapidated flags lying in the trash, cleans them and keeps them with him with dignity. This man lies down in litter near dead remains or any place where he finds the flag in undignified situations.

The film with its thought provoking voice over and cinematic visuals takes the audience to an engaging journey of introspection.

While doing the media coverage of Flag Off for Punjab Kesri newspaper, Sanjeev K. Dixit also interviewed Manoj Maurya. According to the director, Independence is nothing more than a day off for most of us nowadays.  On this day, we proudly buy national flag to show off our patriotism, but we fail to provide it the kind of respect that it deserves.  The thing that we should be concerned about is that most of us are not up to snuff to revere Indian Tricolor for even a day.

Anuj Sharma, who you saw in the role of Vidur in Sony TV’s Suryaputra Karn (Swastik Productions), is playing the lead character in the short movie. He told the journalist that he has lived a full life with his character in the movie. A perfectionist that he is, Anuj didn’t hesitate even once when the director asked him to submerge himself in polluted sewer.